Turtlenecksturtle neck or turtleneck, you can call it as what you want.

Sometimes it was disowned by many, but the truth is that turtleneck jersey is becoming more popular this season.

Ok, we admit, it has never been gone.

Turtleneck has taken force and becoming the protagonist of many Instagram accounts.

Specifically, the #MangoGirls, each has its own style, but everyone loves it. One by one they have taken the classics and endowed it with that cool aura that they radiate.

And now we can only let our imagination fly so we can imagine ourselves triumphing just like they are wearing the essential element of the winter wardrobe, the turtleneck sweater.

This is how Mango Girls wear the turtleneck

Some become Jennifer Lopez as she wore in the film Happened in Manhattan. And, there is nothing (really, nothing) more chic than a total white look.


Others are entrusted with the highest trends of the winter season.

XXL teddy coat, corduroy trousers and of course, that little bag of pearls that we ALL want inside our wardrobe.


But there are also those girls who take each of these viral garments and show us that a basic is always a good idea.

From the French beret, the Prince of Wales jacket, to the checkered trousers, this outfit goes from look to lookazo for one reason only: the turtleneck sweater.


From the street style, it went through the depths of Instagram and is now in each of the showcases of your favorite stores.

The turtleneck jersey that became the hallmark of Audrey Hepburn is back, and from the hand of the most stylish girls, it’s here to stay.

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