Is it possible to boost the organic traffic and website ranking without using the direct methods of SEO? Yes: by applying these 4 techniques.

SEO too often comes down to a set of methods to promote the acquisition of traffic from the search engines. But did you know that there is a form of indirect natural referencing? It consists in gaining notoriety to boost the positioning of your pages via the acquisition of direct traffic.

Here are 4 techniques to achieve your website ranking without doing SEO.

1. Work on your brand awareness!

You know: SEO consists essentially of making itself known to the machines (the search engine robots) in order to appear in the SERPs and to improve the visibility of its organic links. But here is another idea: and if you were rather to know directly from your future customers?

But here is another idea: and if you were rather to know directly from your future customers?

Marketing is a matter of trust. It is this that pushes your prospects to convert into customers, not because they have received a promotional email from you, but because they remember your brand at the time of your e-consider switching to purchase.

To achieve this goal, there is no secret: you have to work on your brand awareness or branding.

Branding is a method that consists of being present in the minds of consumers so that they naturally think of you when they will need a specific product or service. By speaking about your brand, you will increase the volume of visitors who access your website by typing the URL directly into their address bar, using a favorite or by clicking on the link present in an email or in a document offline.

2. Build relationships with influencers!

The fame is also built by rebounds, via digital press relations. You can not make your brand known by itself: you need relays on the Web. To do this, you need to rely on:

  • The journalists,
  • Influential professionals who work in your field of activity.

They are grouped under the name of “influencers”. They will help you boost your marketing campaigns and add value to your branding in their communities, enabling you to reach prospects that you could not reach. At the same time, your brand will gain in notoriety.

Begin by mapping your marketing environment to create a list of influencers who are authoritative in your industry, as well as sites, platforms, and other referring media. Not to mention bloggers who often have great influence.

Find out more about the editorial line of selected targets. You are not only there to promote your services or products, but primarily because you are interested in the work of these influencers and want to bring them useful data.

Attention: Influencers are sensitive to the brands with which they work. According to an Econsultancy study, 65% study the product or service they are asked to promote. And 60% of them take into account the reputation of the brand. They will not relay your branding if they hurt your brand!

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3. Seek to get natural backlinks to improve website ranking!

The backlinks always have the odds within SEO strategies, even since Penguin. Overall, the equation “more inbound links = better natural referencing” remains valid, as Google continues to take this data into account for referencing web pages.

To do this, you can try to create backlinks by yourself (by multiplying links on blogs and forums, using directories, negotiating with webmasters to drag a link in an article …) or let naturally make Internet users , who will insert of themselves backlinks in their contents because they want to make known your brand.

How to get natural links? By creating contents that please and respond to specific needs. If you are an expert in your field, if your publications have a high added value, if your products/services have a great potential for satisfaction, users will want to share these contents and directly advertise with their community. This is how you can get a boost on your website ranking.

In 2015, BuzzSumo and Moz conducted a joint study to determine what types of content can get backlinks. There were some basic rules:

  • The relevance of the statement and the use of serious data to construct the contents;
  • The length of the content (11 backlinks for articles of more than 3,000 words against 3.5 on average for those of less than 1,000 words);
  • The insertion of lists and videos in the contents.

You may get fewer links as well as through an aggressive SEO link building strategy, but these links will be more natural and effective.

4. Be active on social networks to boost website ranking!

The majority of SEOs agree (following Google itself) that the direct impact of social networks on SEO is limited, or even equal to zero. This does not mean you have to make a cross on the subject.

Indeed: on social media like Facebook, Instagram and others, the nerve of the war, it is notoriety. The more you are present on these platforms, the more you animate your profiles, the more you glean subscribers and followers, and the greater your social fame. Result: you will get more “likes”, more followers and more shares for your content. If links posted on networks are not taken into account by Google for your SEO, it remains that the shares are powerful signals sent to the search engines to tell them that your content is worth putting forward.

The impact you’ll gain from SEO is indirect – it’s more of a form of digital word-of-mouth. In fact, a significant part of your traffic can come from social networks, without going through the search engines, so without having to go out of their way to position your pages in SERPs.

Do not forget that in terms of social marketing, your customers are your best ambassadors. Satisfied customers will talk to you and others, including social networks; they will allow you to build long-term trust relationships with new prospects. In turn, these people will come to visit your website and the pages of your blog by direct access, which will push Google to give you more room and an effective jump on your website ranking.

Do not bet all your acquisition strategy on SEO

Practicing an indirect SEO brings you three advantages:

  • Your direct traffic increases, which sends a good signal to the search engines and optimizes in return the visibility of your site;
  • You gain notoriety and improve your e-reputation ;
  • You are less dependent on the traffic coming from the organic links on the search engines.

And it’s a great thing because so you do not bet everything on a search engine-centric strategy! In this way, you protect yourself against potential problems (technical problems, penalties, changes or changes in an algorithm that suddenly makes you lose places, etc.) that could reduce your web traffic to a grief.

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