While the UX design is becoming more popular and in demand, it becomes necessary to determine what skills really help to achieve success as a UX designer.

UX-design is a versatile industry, that’s why specialists with skills from different areas are often required. If you are just starting to work with UX, it can confuse you.

Do not try to pump all the skills at the same time. It is more effective to choose a narrow specialization and develop in this direction.

Here are skills that will lead any novice UX designer to success.

1. UX studies

If you want to professionally engage in UX design, it is important to learn how to conduct a research. It is the research results that help to create high-quality mobile applications and user-friendly websites. Good decisions are not taken from the ceiling. They are preliminary thought out, studied and investigated. From cognitive psychology to informatics – in any sphere, there is useful information that can be used in the work.

2. Joint projects

There is safety in numbers. While you are poorly versed in code, web design, marketing and cannot manage projects, for successful work communicate with colleagues and experts. UX-research will only be recovered for the first time. Cooperation will also provide an opportunity to get acquainted with related specialties and apply the acquired knowledge to the team with different specialists whose skills complement yours.

3. Wireframes and prototypes

To be sure to convince others that you understand the UX, use wireframes and prototypes. Prototyping applications is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the key functionality of the project even before it is transferred to development. In addition, you can effectively present your project to investors. There are many tools for rapid prototyping, in order to evaluate in which direction it is worth developing an application or site.

For example, using FlairBuilder you can create an interactive wireframe, using the main design components. To add animations, gestures, and transitions to a detailed prototype, use InVision or Marvel.

4. Working with texts

The ability to write – an underrated skill UX-designers. It is believed that, for example, knowledge of the code is necessary for the designer. However, the ability to handle the text is no less important for the designer than imposition. Make friends with the text is not too long, and the user interaction is coming to a new level. Take your phone and go to any of the installed applications. Description of new features, tips for working, You might not notice it before, because a good text, as well as good design, go unnoticed. Examples of major works can be seen at Apple, Dropbox, and MailChimp.

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5. Visual Communications

The ability to convey user “message” using graphical elements. Easier for people to take in information visually, so do not forget about the UI. So you can do better icons, presentations, interactive prototypes and mockups.

6. Empathy

It is the ability to put yourself in the other person and look at the situation through the eyes of his. When a designer understands the user’s problem, it is already half way to the solution. If you think only as a designer, you make a mistake in determining the needs of end users. And then people will not use your product.

7. Designing interaction

You can create an aesthetically pleasing design, but it does not take into account how users interact with it. At the user experience and interaction design have much in common. Interaction design is about the consumer of the product or service. Create interactive wireframes sites, combining several design options to choose the right.

8. Programming

UX-experts are working at the interface of professional fields, while the world is experiencing a shortage of technical designers. But whether designers, programmers solve the problem? According to the third annual report of Design in Tech, a third of the designers of engineering education. The line between designer and developer blurred, and tighten programming skills are not such a bad idea. Besides, no one wants you to become a full-stack developer.

9. Analysis

The next step in the creation of a mobile application or website is testing. You need to know how well your design. Analytics helps find out. You must be able to delve into the numbers, percentages, and proportions. Many UX-designers are afraid of metrics, but in fact, they are helping. Add the information to design and based on real data, create a better version of a product.

10. Communication skills

The research, prototyping and other technical skills of the UX-designer are really important. At the same time, business skills are no less valuable: the ability to manage a product and own time. But what, besides visual communication, makes designers outstanding? Public speeches and presentations. To avoid pitfalls and get positive feedback, you need to be able to present the product and behave confidently in public.

The sphere is developing rapidly, trends are replacing each other, these skills are relevant in the UX market now and in the near future. Regardless of what you like in the UX design process: analytics, design, or prototyping, do not waste time and work hard.

The world needs a professional UX designer like you.

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