Check out the latest and upcoming cars for 2017.

New PEUGEOT 5008

The name remains but the concept is totally new: the new PEUGEOT 5008 clears a new territory, that of the large seven-seat SUVs of the C segment. In this promising market, it comes with major arguments. The new SUV PEUGEOT 5008 benefits from the spectacular PEUGEOT i-Cockpit® of the latest generation, the Efficient Modular Platform EMP2 and numerous high-tech features of comfort and safety. Its dynamic and elegant design conceals an exemplary functionality: with its seven individual seats, the new SUV PEUGEOT 5008 is the first SUV to have a modularity worthy of the best MPVs.

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The estimated price for the New PEUGEOT 5008 range between $30,000 – $40,000 based on the current dollar exchange rate.

Citroen C3 Aircross

The arrival of the new C3 brings a breath of freshness in the automotive landscape. A versatile sedan away from stereotypes, it marks its difference by asserting itself as a punchy  and colorful car, endowed with an endearing personality. Its strong personality and comfort will seduce new customers, waiting for character and modernity, and rejuvenate the brand image.

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The estimated price for the New Citroen C3 Aircross range between $15,000 – $20,000 based on the current dollar exchange rate.

Dacia Duster  

The New Duster SUV design evolves and affirms its broader character by a modern, robust and dynamic style designed to climb all obstacles. New Duster is equipped with new engines that combine driving pleasure with reduced fuel consumption and reduced CO2 emissions. The Eco Mode function and the shift indicator also help the driver to optimize it.As expressive both inside and out, New Duster has a unique adventurer look ready to enter the legend race.

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The estimated price for the Dacia Duster range between $15,000 – $20,000 based on the current dollar exchange rate.

Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio

The New Giulia Quadrifoglio is not only the most powerful Alfa Romeo ever created. It embodies the culmination of engineering and emotion, something that only a legendary firm like Alfa Romeo could create. The New Giulia Quadrifoglio combines extraordinary performance with great efficiency. By activating the mode, the 2.9 V6 engine can operate with only three cylinders. The latest generation of the Start & Stop system also offers fuel economy in urban traffic.

Upcoming cars-Alfa Romeo

The estimated price for the Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio range between $70,000 – $80,000 based on the current dollar exchange rate.


Volvo XC90

The all- new XC90 , is scheduled for later this year. Designers and engineers have completely rethought the way drivers control their vehicles, without the traditional dashboard filled with buttons, which is now replaced with a large touchscreen tablet type, a head-up display, and control commands on the steering wheel. The result is the most modern internal control system on the market, which is remarkably easy to use, and ensures that the driver keeps an eye on the road when handling it. The content is also optimized and offers a range of additional benefits and services, such as integrated cloud applications for streaming music, and the ability to use Apple iOS devices from the touch screen.

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The estimated price for the Volvo XC90 range between $35,000 – $45,000 based on the current dollar exchange rate.


Audi A8

Generous space with a refined atmosphere. Cutting edge technology to entertain and relax. The best materials add a touch of exclusivity. The design of the Audi A8 stands out at first glance by the generosity of its surfaces and the power of its lines. It seems to have been carved from a block of aluminum.

Upcoming cars-Audi A8

The estimated price for the Audi A8 range between $80,000 – $90,000 based on the current dollar exchange rate.

Suzuki Swift

The new Swift, best-selling brand of Suzuki, refines and asserts itself towards a more pronounced Japanese Mini look while remaining in continuity.

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The estimated price for the Suzuki Swift range between $15,000 – $20,000 based on the current dollar exchange rate

 Nissan Micra

The New NISSAN MICRA: Sporty design with refined elegance. The care taken in its finishes, technical innovations, reliability and scalability of its five seats already earned the praise from many drivers. It is also very smooth in driving, emits low CO₂ (from 85 g of CO₂ / km *) and is particularly economic and optimizes your investment.

Upcoming cars-Nissan Micra

The estimated price for the Nissan Micra range between $15,000 – $20,000 based on the current dollar exchange rate

Volkswagen Polo

The Polo is one of the most important cars of the Volkswagen group. And it is in 2017 that the new Polo will be unveiled. Reducing the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, without sacrificing anything to performance, this is the specialty of the New Polo which is set to launch.Modular, elegant, Comfortable – Polo has all the assets for the ease of the driver & Passengers.

Upcoming cars-polo

The estimated price for the Volkswagen Polo range between $10,000 – $15,000 based on the current dollar exchange rate

Tesla Model 3

With Model 3, Tesla unveils the third stage of its “secret plan” to accelerate the global transition to a sustainable energy regime.Like all Tesla models, the Model 3 has been designed to combine autonomy, performance, safety and functionality. The interior design maximizes the living space, allowing 5 adults and their luggage to sit comfortably on board. Tesla created and produced vehicles with dynamic capabilities, the Model 3 is no exception. Its high performance electric motor allows acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in less than 6 seconds. Thanks to the all-wheel drive, the Model 3 offers safe and reliable handling in all conditions.

Upcoming cars-Tesla

The estimated price for the Tesla Model 3 range between $35,000 – $40,000 based on the current dollar exchange rate



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