Twitter character limit is just going to get doubled. Twitter is changing the rules of the game within its own platform. The 140-character network has announced that, in order to provide more space to its users, it will expand the number of characters to 280.

A year ago Twitter stopped including photos, links and mentions within 140 characters

A year ago Twitter changed the operation of its platform and stopped including photos and links within the limit of 140 characters. This boosted publications with multimedia content, which are more likely to generate retweets.

They also stopped counting responses and retweets: the mentions did not enter within 140 characters.

Twitter Character Limit Double Is Going To Be 280

Yesterday Twitter closed the cycle of changes with an even greater novelty: there will be double the characters to tweet. Exactly 280 characters. This change is introduced so that users can expand their ideas or explain more freely.

Some languages ​​need more characters than others

The social network justifies this change by arguing that certain languages need more characters than others. Languages such as Japanese, Korean, or Chinese include double information in a single character compared to others such as English, Spanish, Portuguese or French.

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According to Twitter, in those countries where people do not have to compress their thoughts into 140 characters, it tweets more. This has led to the introduction of this change to enhance the use of the social network in languages that require more characters to communicate ideas.

Here’s a pretty compelling argument against Twitter’s new character limit


At the moment the update is only available for a small group of users, but this change will be implemented to the rest in the coming weeks.

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