Who are the top influencers on social networks? This is answered by Forbes, with the second edition of its ranking of top influencers, realized in partnership with Traackr. The American Media has unveiled the first 60 names of its ranking, in the 6 major categories that are entertainment, travel, gaming, fitness, beauty & home.

  • In the Entertainment category, the top 10 influencers selected by Forbes for its ranking reach an audience of nearly 247 million people, both on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.
  • In the Gaming category, they reach an audience of  228 million. 
  • In the Beauty category, they reach an audience of  135 million people.
  • In the Fitness category, they reach an audience of  106 million people.
  • In the Travel category, they reach an audience of  17.4 million.
  • And in the House category, they reach an audience of  7.4 million people.
Source: Forbes data

The classification shows that it is in the field of entertainment that the 10 main influencers address the most important audience. In fact, they reach 246.92 million people on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

Below are the top influencers who are dominating in the social networks

Canada’s Lilly Singh, ranked first in this category, alone has 11.7 million subscribers on its channel, Superwoman. Instagram and YouTube account for 65% of the total audience. The American Logan Paul, ranked 3rd, began his career on Vine, the defunct application of very short videos. He pays $ 150,000 on his Facebook posts and $ 80,000 for his Instagram posts.


Another key sector is gaming, where the 10 most influential personalities are reaching a cumulative audience of 228 million people, two-thirds of them on YouTube alone.

Markiplier, ranked number 1, became known thanks to his comments on online games. In the space of 5 years, his videos have been seen nearly 7 billion times. Despite the polemics at the center of which it was recently PewDiePie arrives at the second place of the classification of Forbes in the gaming category.


In the field of beauty, the 10 biggest influencers reach an audience of 135 million people, led by Instagram (36% of the total) and by YouTube (34%).

Briton Zoella, who leads the rankings in this category, has 11.6 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. Michelle Phan, who has become known for her beauty videos, is now the head of Ipsy, a cosmetics box company, valued at more than 500 million dollars in 2015.


The 106 million people who follow the top 10 influencers in fitness are predominantly on Facebook (49%), while in the fields of travel and home, it is Instagram that drives the majority of the audience.


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