Developing the websites often requires small code interventions. Peep the world picked up

10 useful tools for HTML coding, that comes in handy when layout the HTML.

Notepad ++

Tools for HTML Coding-Notepad + +


Free text editor under the GNU license for Windows, which highlights the variety of programming languages ​​syntax, as well as HTML-markup. It knows how to turn off blocks of code, compare files, select the text blocks. Works with a large number of file formats, supports external plugins.

Sublime Text

Tools for HTML Coding-Sublime Text

Cross-platform editor, similar to Notepad ++, but has many additional features. Syntax highlighting, automatically saves changes to files, supports 27 programming languages, plug-ins, and macros in Python. The program is able to run the code without having to switch to the command line. The application is available in versions for Windows, OS X and Linux, license costs $70.


Tools for HTML Coding-tweak CSS To Perfection

Firebug integrates with Firefox to put a wealth of web development tools at your fingertips while you browse. You can edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live in any web page


An extension for Google Chrome, which is superimposed on a translucent typeset site layout. Both images can be compared pixel by pixel and on the move to make the result of the code changes. It supports multiple layers and their flexible configuration and lock function, in which all elements on the page are clickable.


Tools for HTML Coding-WinMerge

One of the best and handy freeware tools for HTML coding is Winmerge. It is used for Windows for comparison of different file versions, including the imposition layouts. The differences are displayed in a visual text format, which shows that the change in the project in the new version.


Tools for HTML Coding-WinLess

Free Windows-program for working with the preprocessor of LESS . It consists of a superstructure above CSS with additional dynamic properties. WinLess help convert LESS to CSS. The program automatically scans the selected folder and selects the files that contain the necessary code.

CSS3 Generator

Tools for HTML Coding-CSS3 Generator

Minimalistic tool for generating CSS-code under a lot of predefined tasks.

Ultimate CSS Gradient Generator

Tools for HTML Coding-Ultimate CSS Gradient Generator

Tools for generating gradients. The result is displayed in the right side panel in the form of code.

Livetools Ui Parade

Tools for HTML Coding - Livetools Ui Parade

A selection of four generators of free items for the layout: buttons , shapes , icons and ribbons . The result can be downloaded as HTML or CSS code.

Page Ruler

Tools for HTML Coding- Page Ruler

Virtual Roulette. Tell the size of any item on the site.

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