The work schedule of an entrepreneur is 24 hours a day and that’s why most entrepreneurs perform exhaustive searches to find the best productivity tools to grow their business, organize and to streamline their work.

Many times we spend a lot of time searching for and testing different tools to see which ones fit the best according to our work and budget. There are many free productivity tools or startup resources, but sometimes it is worth investing a small monthly subscription and dedicating our time to what is really important and not wasting it in doing daily tasks that take half of the day, which makes us less productive.

Check out the list of 15 really useful tools for entrepreneurs which help in making tasks not only better but more efficient and productive:

  1. Slack

Slack is ideal for unifying communications from workgroups and companies that have teams all over the world (or not) and is also super easy to use. It’s amazing to see how some companies nowadays use their Skype or Gmail Messenger so that the whole team is connected and communicating, mixing the personal with the professional, using tools that do not give them half of what Slack can give them.

Everything that is communicated in slack is in the cloud (information is not lost and recorded). You can chat, send files, photos and best of all you can have several channels open. That is, in your control panel you can have a channel for your Sales Department, another for your Marketing Department and another for your Networking Group with those who meet on Thursdays and do not work in your same office Everything in its place!

  1. ClassOnLive

Whether you are self-employed or a company, imparting value content to others has many advantages. If you want to create and impart your own online courses live, webinars or hybrid courses (video + live sessions), you will love this entrepreneur toolkit named ClassOnLive. Unlike Hangouts or gotowebinar that only give you the video conference platform, ClassOnLive gives you everything you need to not have to deal with either plugins or several tools at a time since it includes everything in one web page: the landing page Of your course, automated reminders emails, registration forms, platform and payment management, etc.

It also has a Marketplace where you can publish your courses and access your community, which serves as an additional channel of promotion. It is very simple, easy and flexible to use. You only have to worry about creating your content and imparting it. Also in ClassOnLive you can create your own academy with your logo and customize your environment with just a few clicks, without technical knowledge.

  1. Pushbullet

Have you ever gone from being worked on and forgetting your cell phone in another room for a couple of hours, and coming back and having 100 WhatsApp messages and 2 missed calls? Or Has it ever happened that you are working on your computer and you have to go, so you email yourself the link or file you are working on and then open with your smartphone? Integrations between computers and mobiles often leave much to be desired and pushbullet helps solve this, without having to google drive or dropbox or anything in the cloud.

Pushbullet is a tool that allows you to copy and paste between devices (especially between your computer and mobile/tablet): transfer files, receive notifications in such a simple way that almost does not need many explanations its operation. Imagine writing something on your iPad and copying and pasting it on your Android, simple and above all invisible to the user, is like having a universal copy/paste.

Pushbullet notifies you of things like incoming calls, or SMS or WhatsApp messages, which you can view and discard from your computer and be deleted on your phone. Although it has payment functionalities that come in handy, the part that offers free will also help you to be more productive.


If you have used Canva to create infographics, will be very easy to use and will also bring you much more. It is one of the best tools for entrepreneurs that allows you not only make infographics but posters, magazines, presentations, documents, thematic maps and a wide range of digital resources in an interactive way. offers pre-designed templates which we only have to modify the information we want. It also allows you to add images, texts, SoundCloud and Spotify audios, YouTube videos, Flickr photos, Instagram, Facebook, etc. To your creations and has thousands of options of design and animation of the elements that are included in the works. An example of the possibilities of is that just by putting the cursor on the human body we see how the circulatory system, nervous, etc., teach us.

In the market, there are many alternatives to create digital resources, but unlike these, your digital resources in are enriched with dynamism, interactivity and external content. They have a Freemium model with free basic functionalities that are often sufficient for small projects.

  1. Creative Market

It is a Marketplace where you will find presentation templates, web pages, photos, magazines, business cards and much more. All the material has been created by designers who then put it on sale. I used it a lot for when I have to make presentations. I am not good at designing so I personally love the possibility of entering Creative Market, find a presentation that I like and then just add the content. Before it took hours to do them and now I use one of their templates and I do not worry about the design anymore. In the case of the presentations, you find them for keynote or powerpoint.

Creative Market is payable, but the truth is that it’s worth paying a bit, but the amount of time you save is impressive. In addition every week they send you free designs that you can download.

Creative market


We assume that we have high-speed Internet everywhere, but the truth is that it is not. Even in downtown Madrid, there are places that do not even reach 5 Mbps of speed. My Mother! It seems untrue that with the times that run we still do not have Fiber Optics in all Madrid.

When we need to download something quickly, urgently upload a document urgently, receive or impart an online course or just watch Yomvi or Netflix without failing us, the speed we have available at that time is indispensable.

Speedtest is a simple tool that with a click you can know the Internet speed you have at that time (both up and down) and is very useful for those who are interested in discovering how connected they really are. It’s a free service that you can use anywhere in the world for those who are curious about the performance of your Internet connection. Available for any device, it is very useful if you want to know the speed by country, in very specific places or even at home to know if you really get what you pay for with your Internet provider(I.e.


  1. Momentum

Since discovering Momentum, the truth is that it is a pleasure to open a new tab in my browser. From now on every time I open a tab in my browser appears a magnificent photo that covers my entire screen and that refreshes my eyes, gives me time and time and even good morning.

Momentum has 4 essential parts: The first, there is a background photo that emphasizes calmness and automatically changes every day. It is usually spectacular scenery beautiful. The second is his inspirational phrase. A phrase that motivates you and that changes daily. As a third element is a time and the time that updates every time you open the browser and also gives you good morning or good afternoon as applicable. Your fourth element helps with your productivity. It consists of the main task that you fill every day and a list of earrings that can be crossed out as you go.

All this gives you Momentum every time you open the browser. Not only does it help you to be more productive, but it calms you down and inspires you to be more creative.


  1. Wetransfer

We have all heard of it and it is certain that we have already used Google Drive and Dropbox both personally and professionally, so they are no longer new to save and share files of all kinds, especially large, those that weigh a lot.

The primary disadvantage of these tools is that you need to upload it to the cloud so you can share it later. Depending on what things are good, but there is a tool that simplifies it even more and is called Wetransfer.

Sometimes the only thing we want is to send the file by email without having to upload anything to the cloud, but the email is very restrictive to send large files and often even crashes. That’s what Wetransfer is for. With Wetransfer you just have to put the recipient’s email (s), attach the file and give the send button and you’re done! The person receives an email with a link to the file that has to be downloaded. It is not necessary to register neither the one who sends it nor the one who receives it, everything flows without problems. The best thing is that you can send up to 2GB free and does not take up space in your files that you have in the cloud.

We trasnfer

  1. No Follow Simple

When someone mentions us on their website and puts our link in their article, our link within that web page can be considered “do follow” or “no follow”. If “do follow” is that this website has been generous and gives us part of its “authority” that adds points to our page rank. The “no follow” links are the opposite, that is, they are those in which the web that mentions us does not give us part of its authority. If you touch a link “do not follow” do not get discouraged because just mentioning you are advertising J

If you want to know quickly, simply and permanently what kind of links the web has, use the NoFollowSimpleextension. You will frame each link in red dots those that are “no follow” and if they are not marked it means that they are “do follow”. It may sound all this very technical, and only for companies that are engaged in online marketing, but the truth is that it is not. Although we are not experts in SEO, as entrepreneurs or team leaders it is good to have some basic knowledge to determine how we affect the advertising that we are giving on the Internet.

To mention a disadvantage is that every time you see a link on a web you know what type it is, so from now on every web page you access you will see red dots everywhere!


The email, for now, is not going anywhere and we will continue to work with him for a long time to come. That is why Mailtrack is really useful since it informs you when the emails you have sent have been read. I have worked with other similar tools and what I like most about Mailtrack is that it is the easiest to use. At the moment it works for Gmail and you can use it for free and without limitations.

The best thing is that you use the same WhatsApp system with the “checks”. For the verification of who has read your messages. Like WhatsApp, a “check” is that the email has reached the recipient and 2 “checks” is that it has read it. You can also enter a control panel where you will know that messages have not been read yet. Very useful to follow up with your customers, to know who open an email and simply decide not to answer.

Mail track

  1. Awesome Screenshot

Since installing this tool I can not find different uses. It is very simple and allows users to make captures of parts of a web page or the complete web pages (no matter how long!) To save, annotate comments and even share them with other users or social networks.

It is very practical and easy to use. We need to install the extension that then appears in the bar. Having it so accessible always, you will find yourself using it for many things. Just click on the icon and it will give you several options:

-If you want to make a copy of the visible part of the screen

-If you want to make a copy of the whole web

-If you want to choose the section (personalized)

We choose what we want and ready! We can then write on the screen and save it as an image. If you used the “print screen” button before, once you hit Awesome Screenshot you will not go back.

  1. Showbox

Showbox is a tool that gives you everything you need to create your own video and get high-quality results, all from your browser. Best of all is that it is free and quite simple to use and its goal is to guide you through the editing process without having to learn complicated techniques and still get a result that looks professional as they also provide you with many resources to achieve them (Photos, gifs, etc).

Showbox is created for all those who want to create a video for their social networks or for their own web without having a lot of budgets and without having to complicate much life.

Showbox can come very well if you want to make creative videos but if you want to record from your computer a presentation there are more simple tools like Techsmith’s Jing that it does not take 5 minutes to start recording the screen of your computer.

Show box

  1. MeetEdgar

Nowadays it’s nothing new that you know of many tools to organize and automatically post to social networks and possibly already use one. But MeetEdgar is something different and more complete since it is the only one that allows you to organize your posts by theme. That is to say, through MeetEdgar you can organize and schedule your posts by “inspiring phrases”, “news in your product”, “third-party advertising”, “statistics of your market” etc. and also assign a photo to each.

Once you have everything organized and planned, you already have your library created and MeetEdgar sends you according to the days, hours and social networks that you have assigned. What’s different about MeetEdgar is that in addition to posting the photo with the text, you can choose to have every Monday send a post about inspirational phrases.

At first, we may believe that posting repeated messages can be counterproductive, but quite the opposite! Experts recommend using the content that has been most successful because 80% of the time again have the same positive impact.

  1. Scribble Audio

This is a website where you can create sounds in a simple way, super simple! It’s completely free, original and you do not need to register to start creating music by simply drawing or scribbling. It does not matter if you do not have musical knowledge, this will not be an impediment so that you can create your own music in with this tool and then be able to record the audio file on your computer.

We only choose the note that we want to reproduce and draw with the mouse in the center of the page so that the note sounds with the frequency and style that we indicate in the top menu. The “music” you have created starts playing and may include new notes.

It is an excellent tool if you want to create sounds for your web, application, presentation, podcasts or videos, besides the possibility of creating them in a very original way. You can create from relaxing sounds to create percussion sounds for work or just use it to relax for a while.

  1. Duckduckgo

I do not know if many of you know this, but when you are looking for a hotel, a plane ticket or another online purchase, the web pages have a way of identifying (through cookies) whether it is your first, second or third visit to their website To compare prices, so as part of their sales strategy they increase the prices between more visits and do not buy.

All this artificial intelligence knows that if you enter several times looking for a ticket Madrid-Milan and the second time you realize that the price is a little more expensive because your impulse to buy is greater (of course, before it continues to rise in price ).

One way to avoid this happening is to enter “incognito”, without leaving a trace. The sought-after duckduckgo allows you just this. Navigate privately, without being tracked every second as Google or Safari. Although they are extraordinary seekers, when you have to go on vacation, now you know how to make sure you are not changing prices and confirm the price of that offer. Good luck!

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