This post will be focused on offering great social media tips for companies, marketers or businesses, but before starting with the list of social media tips, I would like to make a summary of a study on the investment of companies in Social Media in the year 2016.

Social media marketing is skyrocketing, as this type of media gains importance in the industry and shows potential for further development. The United States is, by far, the largest social media advertising market in the world, as more than 9.4 billion U.S. dollars were spent on social media ad in the country in 2015 alone.

Investment of companies in Social Media:

  • Facebook (99.1%)
  • Twitter (90.8%)
  • YouTube (68.5%)
  • Linkedin (30.3%)
  • Pinterest (29.6%)

Most important conclusions of the study:

  • 87% of Americans with Internet use Facebook, 56% Google+ and 54% Twitter.
  • In 2014, users who access from their Smartphone grew by 41%.
  • 36% of users are active followers of their preferred brands.
  • Pinterest is the fastest growing network among young people worldwide. 

Access to Social Networks from mobile devices grows significantly in young people from 25 to 34 years old.

What is clear is the firm commitment of companies to invest in Social Media but not always make a professional commitment and many mistakes are made, even reaching to negatively affect the image of the brand.

To avoid this, I decided to make this post with the best social media tips that I consider to be most important for 2018.

Tip 1: The image does matter

Take care of the design of your social profiles since it will be the first impact that the user will have when you visit, so I recommend that you hire a designer to take care of even the smallest detail of the visual image of your company.

Another aspect that sometimes we do not control well is to know the exact size of all the visual elements that make up both our social profile and the graphic elements that we will use in our work in Social Media.

Tip 2: Choose the most suitable channels for your company

One of the best social media tips I can give to any company is to start small and starting with 2 or 3 social profiles at most. If for some reason you decide to have a higher social presence, I would like to remind you of a popular saying that says “the one that covers a lot of little squeezes”, and this phrase comes to me as a “finger ring” because more than 50% of SMEs leave one or more than one social profile in the first year of life.

Tip 3: Do not get obsessed with getting followers and fans

The only obsession of any company in Social Networks should be the quality of its communication since this will be the most powerful magnet to attract thousands of followers and fans.

If you publish quality content through your social channels, you will be able to eventually become a reference in your theme and with that attract many followers and fans, almost without you noticing or noticing.

If you do not know how to start in Social Networks or you have not used it before in a professional manner, I recommend that you start slowly and form a little before starting to manage any profile of Social Network.

Tip 4: Lack of a Social Media Strategy

The strategy is the map that will guide us on our way in Social Networks. Without a map, it is very safe that you are totally lost and you are more likely to make mistakes managing Social Networks, or worse, that all your effort and dedication is not rewarded.

To make the strategy you will need to create a Word document and an excel document; in the Word document we will describe all the phases of the Social Media Strategy, and in the excel document we will make a Project plan in one tab and in the rest of the tabs we will create a publication calendar for each Social Network.

Tip 5: The importance of planning

There are many companies that make the mistake of starting to manage their networks with a total absence of planning. The strategy and planning of our actions must be the backbone of our work in Social Media.

Tip 6: Analytical tools

There are many tools to analyze Social Networks, so we must take advantage of them all and interpret the data we obtain from them.

Do not forget to use Google Analytics and follow the social impact as one of the main sources to attract traffic to your page.

If you want to know or analyze the origin of the visits of your website or the competition, I recommend you to use the online and free tools:

Follow: A plugin to install in the browser and with which you can analyze and follow any company, whether the competition or not.

SimilarWeb: Very complete Analytical tool to analyze our competence.

Tip 7: Know the best time of publication

Knowing how to improve your posts is very important to achieve greater engagement in Social Networks,  so I am going to recommend a tool by social network.


Google Timing

With Google Timing you can:

  • Analyze the best time of publication on Google+.
  • You can see the most popular posts on Google+.
  • Ranking of the best schedules to publish.


Google+ timings


I recommend the Crowdbooster tool with which you can analyze all the engagement of your Facebook and Twitter account, and the time that happens. The tool is paid and will cost $ 9 a month and you can add a Facebook page and a Twitter page.


Analyzing the image we can extract that the best time slot of publication on Twitter is from 16 to 19 hours.

social media tips for the best time
social media tips for the best time

Logically these values are realized taking into account the location of North America and we have to adapt to the real activity of our users.

In my particular case, the previous infographic is very close to the best hours of publication, except on Twitter, since the best time of publication is a little later (4 to 7 pm).

Tip 8: Building relationships

Far from being social networks only a means of communication and disclosure of content, the truth is that one of the aspects that has more value is the process of how to get our fans or followers to be our best brand ambassadors.

Tip 9: Use simple images and infographics

The infographics on Social Networks are a new form of marketing and communication. If we add an image or infographic to our publications we will be at the same time amplifying its virality, being able to obtain; I like it, +1, retweets, shares and comments, just by adding a visual element that captures the attention of the user who sees it.

Tip 10: Offer your followers and fans exclusive products

This is undoubtedly one of the best social media tips for businesses that I will emphasize more emphasis since sometimes the mistake is made to treat the general public as well as those people who follow you faithfully.

Depending on the type of company we can offer:

  • Discounts
  • Gifts.
  • Free courses.
  • Ebook or Free Publication.

Tip 11: Maintain a Professional Presence

A very common mistake is to use the presence of the company on Facebook as something personal rather than professional, which we should always avoid.

We should not confuse the fact that Facebook is a Social Network that we normally use it as a hobby so that we try to get a group of friends associated with the brand of the company, it is a mistake, we should always try to get active and faithful fans to our brand.

Tip 12: Make decisions

Anyone who believes that the daily management of Social Networks is to follow a script or pre-set instructions is wrong from start to finish. In the management of Social Networks, we have to make decisions every day from the choice of sharing content, from the answer to a question or how to treat negative comments.

A Social Media strategy is not something fixed and immobile but we are making adjustments and changes based on the decisions we make every week.

Tip 13: Make strategic alliances

As you can see the most repeated word in this post is “strategy”, since I consider it the cornerstone for us to get our company to succeed in Social Networks.

I recommend that you join strategically with other professionals or companies that help you enrich the quality of your communication.

The more alliances you get, the better you get, considering that we look for quality in these relationships and not quantity.

Tip 14: Read everything you post first

It seems obvious and “out of the box” that we have to read the content to analyze the quality and suitability of the content, but the truth is that more than half of the contents that are shared on Social Networks are read partially or simply do not read.

Tip 15: Publish a lot Vs Publish a little

According to a study conducted by Buffer, the optimal frequency of publication in Social Networks is:

  • Facebook . 2 posts per day.
  • Twitter . 14 tweets per day and no more than 1 publication at the same time.
  • Linkedin . 1 publication per day.
  • Google+ . 2 publications per day.

Tip 16: Learn how to handle trolls


Once your social media are popular, trolls will very likely appear, so before this happens we must know how to handle and make the best decisions in each case, we have to know when we should act or when it is best to let get bored and leave. 

Tip 17: Do not synchronize your mobile

You must not turn Social Media management into a 24/7 work. We must establish a work schedule in the Networks and always respect it since it is fundamental to reconcile professional life with personal life. 

Tip 18: The importance of good Community Manager

There are many ways to manage social networks, more or less professional, and with more or fewer results but a fundamental aspect in the success of the strategy is the professionalism of the Community Manager that manages our social profiles.

There is a very big difference if our image of the social brand is managed by a person with great training and experience in the area to a person who is starting in Social Media.

Tip 19: Do not sell

This part will be the most difficult you will have because there is no company leader in this world who understands that social networks should not or should be used to sell.

If you explain that Social Networks are to create and retain a community of users around our company brand, your boss will surely tell you: “get rid of rolls and start selling the company”.

This happens sadly because of the ignorance that many business managers have, because if we really get a very good social image of our company, we will automatically attract many customers without the need to sell anything directly, this is what is known as engagement marketing, and Large companies and multinationals are experts in this practice and always use it.

Tip 20: Optimize your social profiles

In addition to making a good design as we have mentioned the advice 1, a very important aspect is to optimize the content that will be visible in our social profiles, as this will affect aspects such as SEO or the growth of our community.

We must understand that Social Networks, besides being the communication channel of our company, is also a tool with which we can appear in the Google search results and thereby amplify the visibility of our brand in the search engine.

Tip 21: Listen to your audience

It is a fundamental part to know your audience if we are offering them an inappropriate content for your idea or simply that it is not a topic of your choice, then we will be failing miserably in our Content Marketing strategy.

To listen to your audience I recommend the following tools:

  • Follower wonk . It is without a doubt the best free tool to analyze and extract data from my followers on Twitter.
  • . With this tool we can know the most preferred topics of any twitter account, as well as a tag cloud with the most used hashtags.
  • MetricSpot . You can analyze which were the most popular tweets of our competition.

Another way to find interesting topics is to analyze pages similar to mine and see what are the most popular content in the social environment, for this we will use 2 tools:

Ahrefs . You can analyze the pages with more links “nofollow” and “dofollow”, which usually coincide with the most popular blog post.

Open Site Explorer . With this SEO tool, we can see the most popular posts in the networks, although the free version will only show 5 results.

Tip 22: Manage time well

It is essential that we learn to manage the time we dedicate to the Networks and for that, we will have to use tools of how you are:

Hootsuite : The most used management tool in the world and we can use it from any device; Computer, Smartphone or Tablet. A classic for any Community Manager.

Buffer : A tool with which we can postpone the publication of our posts at the time of best impact, and that we can use on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Google+.

With these tools, the Community Manager does not have the obligation to be every day in front of your Social profiles publishing content.

Tips 23: Check the grammar

Grammar is that great forgotten in Social Networks, but in my opinion, it is very important because it is putting the image of the company at stake.

Every week we can see kits in digital newspapers with misspellings, which is totally unheard of because a journalist should not make grammatical mistakes.

I hope that these social media tips for companies or businesses are very useful for your online projects. I would like to finish the post with one more piece of advice, since I think it is very important to humanize the brand of a company, which is nothing else than to offer our fans and fans a personalized, close and almost immediate treatment, within a scenario where honesty and transparency prevail.

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