In this article, I share with you a list of 20 best social media management tools that can be very beneficial for your business. These social media tools will help you better manage your presence on various social networks. However in the near future, I would also offer you a list of top rated social media management tools that are being used worldwide.

“To be totally transparent, I specify that I have not yet tested all these social media management tools, but they are worth it”

Also note that the list is sorted alphabetically!

Without further ado….

Discover the list of 20 best social media management tools for startups and internet marketers:

1. Agorapulse

Created in September 2011 by two entrepreneurs, Emeric Ernoult and Benoit Hediard, Agorapulse is one of the best and trending social media management tools which is dedicated to Facebook: Page management, creation of competitions/ applications, statistics, qualification of fans, etc.

See more in Agorapulse@agorapulse

2. Bringr

Founded by Simon Robic and Francois-Guillaume RIBREAU, Bringr is a tool for monitoring and listening to social media. For example, it allows you to determine who the influencers are to follow and contact or analyze the activity of the Net surfers around your brand.

See more in Bringr@bringr

3. Clocktweets

Thanks to Clocktweets be present on Twitter on a regular and continuous basis, to share your information during a strategic event. Clocktweets allows you to program your Tweets very simply in advance.

See more Clocktweets@Clocktweets

4. Digimind

Digimind is a social media monitoring and strategic intelligence software. Digimind calculates influence scores for Tweets, blog posts, videos, etc. And allows you to analyze and identify trends.

See more in Digimind@digimind_EN

5. Iconosquare

Iconosquare formerly Statigram, is a tool dedicated to Instagram, you will find statistics on your account, but also the possibility to create competitions.
Note that although it is created by French, Iconosquare is the only tool only in English of the list.

See more Iconosquare@iconosquare

6. Kontest

Kontest allows you to create contest applications for Facebook, the web or mobile. With more than 24 types of contests, you’re sure to find your happiness here!

See more Kontest@kontestapp

7. Linkfluence

Founded in 2006 by 4 engineers, Linkfluence, and their Radarly technology, allows to capture, sort and analyze what is said on the web. A powerful tool for monitoring and e-reputation.

Explore Linkfluence@linkfluence

8. Like a Bird Apps

Like a Bird Apps is a tool that allows to create and administer very easily competitions on Twitter.

See more Like a Bird@LikeABirdAgency

9. Mention

A monitoring tool to monitor the web and social networks. You create your alerts simply and Mention informs you in real time via email or notification.

Discovering Mention@mention

10. Over-Graph

Over-Graph is a platform to aggregate your different profiles on social networks, to publish, reply and analyze your campaigns.

Explore Over-Graph@over_graph

“Visualization is the best growth hacking technique to increase the user engagement and you can make your content interesting for the readers.”
For that, I would recommend you to have a look at these free graphic design software for making lively content and visuals.

11. Pageyourself

PageYourself makes it possible to create sites inside Facebook via the Applications, but also competitions! You can then collect fan profiles and create your database.

Discover PageYourself@Pageyourself

12. Smart Tribune

Social CRM tool, Smart Tribune allows you to measure the satisfaction rate, needs, questions, problems by chatting with your netizens.

Discover Smart Tribune@SmartTribune

13. Social Buddies

Social Buddies is a social CRM tool entirely dedicated to Facebook.

See more Social Buddies@ SocialBuddies1

14. Social Dynamite

Social Dynamite by Julien Carlier is a platform that offers a tool for scripting your content on social networks.

Discover Social Dynamite@SocialDynamite

15. SociallyMap

SociallyMap assists you in automating the publishing of your content on social networks. If you want to test this tool for free, hurry up the beta ends May 31!

Discovering SociallyMap@sociallymap

16. Socialmoov

Platform for creating, optimizing and analyzing Facebook advertising campaigns.

See more Socialmoov@SocialMoov

17. SocialShaker

SocialShaker offers over 30 applications for your Web, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. You will find there as well as more classic Apps like the addition of a newsletter or contact form.

See more SocialShaker@socialshaker

18. SpreadButton

SpreadButton allows to create marketing operations and competitions on different social networks, but also to make social CRM with the follow-up of the participants, their segmentation according to their centers of interest, etc.

Explore SpreadButton@SpreadButton

19. Tigerlily

One of the best social media management tools and social marketing platform CRM, TigerLily allows you to follow conversations on social networks, it is also used to create applications and analyze your results.

See more Tigerlily@tigerlily

20. YouseeMii

YouseeMii does not offer one, but two tools to succeed on social networks. The YouSeeMii index measures the visibility of companies, brands on the web and social networks. and Socialshare analyzes the sharing on social networks of information sites and blogs to optimize its editorial line.

See more YouseeMii@YouseeMii

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