An awkward gesture at the beach, a forgotten smartphone in the trouser pocket, a child too enthusiastic about an application. The reasons for an unexpected fall in the water can be many and all the devices are not yet waterproof. Do not be deceived in the procedure to try to save your smartphone.

Do not worry, the guarantee works

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    Immersion of the device is a reason for breach of warranty unless an optional “accidental oxidation” guarantee has been taken out. Be careful, however, to read all the clauses of your contract. Certain conditions may be required for a refund.
    Do not try to deny immersion: smartphones are equipped with “immersion sensors” that change color if they have been in contact with a liquid.

Do not do anything and let it dry as is

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    Remove your smartphone as soon as possible from the water and place it in a dry, clean towel. Turn it off if it is still on. Then wrap it in paper handkerchiefs or paper towels to extract as much moisture as possible. Disconnect all accessories that may be connected (earphones, cables …) and remove any SIM cards and memory card.

You have to immerse the device in a bag of rice

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    The best solution would be to enclose the phone in an airtight box with anti-humidity bags but not everyone has industrial dehumidifiers available. Raw rice can be an alternative as this cereal absorbs moisture well. On the other hand, it produces a lot of dust which can be harmful to the device. Leave the smartphone completely immersed in the bag filled with rice for 24 to 48 hours minimum.

Use a hair dryer to go faster

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    A hair dryer produces too much heat that can damage the fragile electronic components of the device. Also avoid placing the smartphone near an oven on (or worse, in an oven) or on a heater.

Whether the smartphone has fallen into the toilet or into the sea does not change anything

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    If you have some chance of saving your device fallen in a fresh water, you will not have much with sea water: indeed, The salt will oxidize much more quickly the metal parts of the device as well as the onboard electronics. And rinsing the device with fresh water will not improve things. The damage is done.

The smartphone restarts, everything goes well

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    Immersion in a liquid is often fatal for a smartphone, but if you are lucky and the device restarts, make a backup of all your data as quickly as possible. In fact, some parts risk rusting quite quickly: the life expectancy of your device will have been considerably reduced by this adventure. You will nevertheless have some time to choose a new smartphone.

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