Reusing web content is one of the best-known techniques by marketing professionals to increase traffic. As you will undoubtedly know, creating high value content is good and necessary for your SEO strategy , but it is expensive and consumes more time than we would like, not to mention the staff necessary to perform these tasks.

In addition, for a content marketing strategy to be effective, the generation of new content must be constant.

Therefore, if you want to correctly distribute the work of your team to increase its productivity, reuse existing content.

Reused content allows reaching a new audience

It is possible to work with articles already written from many perspectives: you can transform them, update them, improve their writing, add new information and images, giving them new life. Each new element that you enter must be relevant in the context of the article, providing new information and adapting it to the present, avoiding at all times that the content appears as duplicate content in the search engines.

In addition to receiving more traffic to the web, the reused content will allow things like:

  • Reach new audience
  • Reinforce your message So that people understand it well and remember it, you have to repeat it several times

  • Receive additional authority Websites with current and useful content have the ability to position themselves as experts in the field, which is especially important in certain industries

In this article, we are going to show you the necessary steps to improve the effectiveness of this process of utilization and how to reuse existing content.

Audit existing content

Auditing and analysis is an essential stage in any content marketing process. This process begins with a monitoring of the existing content, detecting the most popular topics and the behavior of users with respect to them, which will help you create a plan for the creation of new content.

The first step is to audit the content of your own website.

If your blog or website has been underway for several years, you should focus on articles with more than two years old, to identify those that need to be updated and optimized and that thanks to this update, will have a high added value.

Analyze whether your content is mobile-friendly

From the list of these potential articles, select those with greater interest by your readers, and also, that have achieved a greater number of conversions. Google Analytics will help you in this task of analyzing the behavior of the users of your website. Also, analyze if your content is optimized for mobile or if it needs to be more mobile-friendly.

Your professionalism and common sense will help you analyze the reasons for the popularity of one type of content or another. While reviewing your content, you can create a list those that can be reused.

The second stage is to audit external content.

We understand external content that refers mainly to news and updates in your industry. If there have been news or important changes, you can add them to your posts to give them a new life. Also, do not forget to collect all the materials produced over time (both within your company in the market), for example, presentations of customers or colleagues, studies, PDFs, internal work documents, etc.

Always think in green

The evergreen content is one that does not age (that is, although industry situations change, it is not affected). The two most important elements of this type of content are that it is timeless and of great quality. For obvious reasons, they are often of an informative or educational nature.

Adapt the contents

The existing content is the basis for creating the reused. After this first stage, you already have the content to update with which you must work.

With this list of content, you can perform the following actions:

– Update the contents of the blog: Choose topics that are still current or that have received updates in recent months. Often some adjustments will suffice instead of reworking the entire structure. Here are some ideas to rejuvenate the article:

  • Add links (especially to more recent articles).

  • Add quotes and expert opinions.

  • Include practical and current examples.

  • Add and renew images and infographics.

  • Insert videos

  • Add another type of visual materials.

  • Redo the content, creating an entry that expands the theme mentioned in another post.

Another option to update the content is to add articles on the same topic, giving rise to one of greater length. In any case, keep in mind that your content may fall back into the hands of those who read it for the first time: on this second occasion they should be satisfied with the reading.

– Publish external articles: To expand your presence in the market, you can use the media, distributing information about your company. In this case, you should choose the content well, since not all the content will be relevant and interesting for a broad audience.

– Prepare presentations: The content of articles or infographics can be converted into presentations with the most important information, offering a new vision for readers. You can publish it on sites like Slideshare, Calameo, etc., reaching your audience through other channels.

– Transform blog articles into ebooks: ebooks are a very popular format, why not collect several articles on the same topic creating a downloadable ebook on your website?

– Create infographics: Converting old content into a visual format as attractive as an infographic will be a success on social networks, and even on the blog itself.

– Record podcasts and videos: Many people prefer to receive information in an aural or visual way. In addition, the growing popularity of video is another point in favor of this type of content reuse. For example, if one of your colleagues is encouraged to use the old content by explaining it on camera, you can upload it to your brand’s YouTube channel: in addition to the broadcast, you will have more personal contact with your audience.

– Publish and re-promote content on social networks: Social networks require information and daily content so that all your previous work (such as the preparation of presentations, the design of infographics, the recording of videos, etc.) ) can receive new diffusion on social networks. Use quotes from video interviews or article statistics to create publications that will reinforce your brand on these social channels.

Optimize new content

The last step before the publication is the optimization of content for SEO, essential for the success of the reuse process. We must not forget that our mission is to respond to user searches and keep them happy. For this reason, it is very important to have a clear vision of who our target audience is and what their needs are. In this case, we work in the same way as when we create original content to obtain the best search engine positioning and a high return on investment: we search for keywords using tools such as Google Adwords, SEMrush Keyword Magic tool, we develop semantic fields, blog tags …

Do not forget to change the title of the reused content

Finally, do not forget to change the title of the reused content: try to make it different from the one you used previously and that, in addition, be attractive. It is the first thing the user will read. Do not forget the rest of the content added to the reused article, such as files, PDFs, videos, etc.


!! Congratulations!! You have reached the goal and your content is ready to see the light.

We recommend you use a multi-channel strategy to distribute the content: blog, newsletters, social networks, influencers or printed materials, always taking into account your sector and where your potential audience is.

Social networks are undoubtedly the place where you can be more creative. Choose a fun strategy that arouses interest in people and stimulates interaction with content. The images, videos, and GIFs will help you in this mission!


You’re sitting on a mountain of pre-existing content that just needs a bit of updating, so have fun. When it comes to reusing the existing content it is essential to be strategic from the SEO point of view to get the results you expect. And this technique is little used by your competitors. So, go ahead!

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