You have finally finished your blog post and it is ready to get published but is it ready to get shared on social networks?

Did you review it, integrate and optimize it with a catchy title? Are there proper title tags that prioritize your text and are sensible for your natural SEO inserted?

Its content seems interesting and quality, you have inserted internal links, an engaging image and ideally a call to action and an effective conclusion.

Okay, it would seem that you were holding a successful blog article, is perfect! All you have to do is to share it with the greatest number and especially on your social networks. Let’s see how to promote your blog article on social media in the most effective way possible.

How to share and promote your blog article on social media?

Publish your blog article several times

Whether on Facebook, Twitter or even Linkedin, remember that Internet users have distinct habits and do not spend their day in front of their screen. If some like to connect early in the morning, others will watch their social networks only in the evening after work. Is your goal not that your publication is viewed and your article read?

Yes, of course! In this case, do not hesitate to relay your blog post on all your social networks on different days and schedules of the day, during a good week. The whole, being original and trying not to always write the same post to the comma; )

To best target the best schedules to post your blog post, use the internal statistics on each social network. These valuable statistics guide you on the preferred days and hours of your target and community.

Make your publication on social networks

Relating your blog article to social media does not just mean writing a few lines of content by including the link to your article. To attract your readers and make them want to click on your publication, read your article and share it in the stride, you have to be a little more imaginative than that. Do not hesitate to:

  • Refining your publication with a catchy title and content that makes you want to know more,
  • Heal your spelling,
  • Extract a sentence from the article to put it forward in your post,
  • Accompany your publication with an engaging and original visual,
  • Create images specific to each publication on each social network, if you have the time.

Share your article in social groups

On LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, active lists and discussion groups exist and are likely to be interested in your topic. Do not hesitate to share your blog articles in some groups to share your information and advice.

Is your article about billing tools? Organization? Project management? Groups related to employment, professional practices or freelance status to name but a few may be very interested in your content.

Adapt to each social networks

As you know, every social network is different, both by its users and by its functionalities. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest or Linkedin do not all have the same characteristics the same number of characters integrated with the publications, the same importance in the hashtags, the same dimensions of images … Adapt to each network Social in your publications!

While focusing on an original and dynamic image that highlights your blog post, make it clear and concise on Twitter, use effective hashtags on Instagram, query around your post on Facebook, share your article in specific groups on Linkedin … And do not hesitate to pin your publication at the top of your accounts and pages so that it is visible at a glance!

If you want to maximize the engagement on your Instagram post, read this amazing Instagram hashtags rule guide.

Mention the people quoted in your blog article

Have you written a blog article mentioning your partners or clients? You promote a service or have listed the best web tools of the moment? Let the key people know! By mentioning them in your post, they will then receive a notification on their account and will be able to read your article. A good tip to gain visibility thanks to their potential retweets, thanks, and shares. And then, it’s always fun to be quoted, right?

Invite your contacts to read your blog post

On social networks, it is not uncommon to receive private messages asking to share a particular blog article and this can be badly perceived and often judged as a rider. Worse, the person may feel compelled to share it without necessarily appreciating the content or taking the time to read your article.

If you do not want to systematically share your blog article with different influencers, why not, in a more subtle way, invite them (at first) to read your article? Thus, they will decide alone as big if they wish to share it or not to their subscribers. Be careful also to select your contacts, your whole directory is not necessarily interested nor concerned by your theme.

Create a partnership with bloggers for reciprocal article sharing

You know bloggers interested in your topic? You exchange with them occasionally when sharing information, contacts or collaborations? Good news! In order to promote your blog articles, why not create with some of them a partnership to help each other to be more visible?

Thanks to this type of partnership, you can count on a sizeable support to put forward your last blog post and do the same when your chosen bloggers publish: a judicious and useful collaboration to all of your Communities!

Automate your publications to save time

As we saw earlier: for your blog article to gain visibility, you have to publish it several times on your social media. So obviously, for this kind of action, you do not have to be in front of your screen at the ideal time: prefer the automation of your posts! Many web tools exist to facilitate you the programming of tweets and publications in general, on all of your social networks such as Hootsuite or Buffer to name but a few.

Buy advertising to promote your blog article

What if you want to advertise your article? With a small budget, you can create an advertisement on Facebook (or any other social network) to optimize your publication and gain visibility. The idea is not to advertise each of your articles, but rather to integrate this promotional aspect from time to time, to boost your publication a little more and to see the spin – offs and visits your website.

And you, how do you promote your blog articles on social networks? 🙂

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Mariam Naved
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