Some of the professions that will disappear in just few years.

  • The labor market changes constantly, adapting to the needs of companies.
  • Workers and students must know the jobs that arise, but also those that will disappear.
  • The advancement of technology means that some posts are no longer really necessary.

The world of work is constantly advancing because the current reality forces companies to always keep up to date. They change the ways in which we work, the modalities used, the denominations of the positions, and even the professions.

The expansion of new technologies and the growth of the internet are the main responsible for these changes, by which companies begin to demand new professional profiles that can make the most of the possibilities offered by technology.

The  International Labor Organization is one of the agencies that has issued the most warnings regarding these fluctuations in the market, noting that the increasing progress of technology will gradually determine the disappearance of those professions considered as mechanical. Everything that can be automated or replaced with the use of technology, will slowly cause the disappearance of some professions.

Knowing what these profiles are essential for students, to ensure that they study careers that really have a promising future. On the other hand, for workers, it is important as a way to recycle their professions and make them focus on the most profitable areas.

Are you going to choose a profession? Are you not clear about your professional future? These are the professions that will disappear in the coming years and therefore you should not choose:

1) Security guards

The University of Oxford carried out a study in which it indicates that this profession has an 84% probability of disappearing, due to the fact that transactions are carried out more and more in a virtual way and therefore the typical risks of traditional commerce diminish.

2) Receptionists

Especially in hotels and restaurants, it will be increasingly frequent to see robots that receive visitors and therefore no longer requires human action. However, it is true that in some countries this change will still take a few more years to become effective.

3) Drivers

The cars that drive themselves are a reality in the whole world, so it is to be expected that little by little the work of the drivers will disappear.

4) Machinists

Trains also benefit from the use of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, so that soon most of the world’s trains will be driven by machines and will not require the action of man.

5) Executive for call center

Having a question, consulting with a customer service center and receiving a response from a person will be a real anecdote in a few years. Virtual assistants are increasingly common for these tasks and, in fact, will be even more frequent in a few years.

6) Post Office Workers

Postal service workers must adapt to the new demands or little by little they will see their work disappear. Is that, with so many media available, and a growing awareness of companies to choose electronic billing, work in mail companies is getting smaller.

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