Do you want to study abroad? These are the countries that you should choose for prestigious universities.

  • Studying outside the country is an adventure, that more and more young people decide to try.
  • Are you going to study abroad? Before doing so, it is convenient to choose your destination carefully.
  • If you are looking for quality education, you should choose countries with prestigious universities.

When choosing what to study, the offer of local universities does not always meet the expectations of students. The younger generations, with their desire to know the world and to live new adventures, generally bet on opportunities for training abroad.

Besides allowing the opportunity to learn a new educational system, travel through another country and live with completely different customs to their own, studying abroad can generate multiple advantages for the professional future.

Companies especially value this type of training because in some way it allows them to know when a candidate is able to adapt to different environments.

For students, studying outside represents the possibility of knowing each other in depth and knowing for sure the challenges they are capable of facing.

However, despite all the benefits that this practice can offer, choosing a study destination is not always easy. With so many options of countries, and fundamentally cities in which to study, choosing can represent a real challenge for students.

This decision is really important because, in the end, it will be the one that determines the access to the training that in the end will define the future student professional. Therefore, it is advisable to opt for countries with an innovative educational system and prestigious national and international universities.

The educational rankings, such as the  QS World University Ranking that classifies the most prestigious universities in the world, allow you to get an idea of the universities for which you should bet, and with it the countries that should be chosen.

Do you want to study abroad? These are the top countries that you should choose:

United States

In total, some 157 universities in the United States are among the more than 900 analyzed for this ranking. Therefore, the United States is considered the best country when it comes to studying abroad.

This country stands out for its varied educational offer, the possibilities of learning English it offers, and the prestige of its universities.

United Kingdom

With 76 universities in the classification, the United Kingdom is the second best country to study abroad, proving that it is not in vain is one of the favorites of young people. Its most prominent center is the University of Cambridge.


The growth of educational centers in Asia has been exponential in recent years, sometimes representing a real competition for those who for years have been recognized as the best universities in the world.

With 43 universities in this classification, Japan is presented as the third best country to study abroad, and the most outstanding representative of Asia in the classification.

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