Facebook is a social network that is constantly growing. In recent months we have seen the implementation of numerous functions, tools, and new features, but perhaps none as the one that concerns us today. This time it is Messenger Kids, a Facebook Messenger for children aged between 6 and 12 years. But how does this new service work?

This Is How Messenger Kids Will Work, The New Facebook Messenger For Children

Some people might think at first that it is not good for a child of this age to have Facebook. But calm, this has already been taken into account the boys of Marck Zuckerberg and Messenger Kids is specially designed so that children are in contact with their family and friends. However, for this, it will not be necessary for the child to have a Facebook account. This Facebook Messenger for children will be controlled by parents through their own profiles.

Here’s a demo video of Facebook messenger kids

A Social Network For Children

Through Messenger Kids you can send and receive text messages, photos, GIFs suitable for your age, put filters and even make video calls. That is, it will comply with the characteristics and functions of any social network. However, security will always be the first thing in this new Facebook Messenger for children, since children will only be able to chat with the people that appear in their contact list. A list that parents will precisely control to accept and eliminate those that they consider convenient.

source: newsroom.fb.com

Parents Will Be In Control At All Times

To better understand Messenger Kids, let’s go with a practical example.
Any account that you want to open from Facebook Messenger for children will have to be linked to that of an adult. Therefore, only those people who have added this adult can see the profile of Messenger Kids. In this way, they will be able to send you a friend request so that the parents can accept it or not.

The Messenger Kids account cannot be traced in the search box on Facebook. They will only be visible to those people who are contacts of the adult to whom they are linked. So in no time children can have relationships with strangers, but they can chat with friends of their parents, relatives or other Facebook Messenger accounts for children. The only thing that parents will not be able to do is to see the conversations that the children keep from their chat since they will be private.

Safety In Messenger Kids Comes First

Facebook wanted to make it clear that it has been working for more than a year and a half with experts in child development and security so that Messenger Kids complies with all the requirements and guarantees. So it is totally safe for the little ones.

Messenger Kids is, therefore, a totally safe social network for children. A Facebook Messenger for children that comes with a software that detects unsuitable content and filters out inappropriate ads.

Messenger Kids will only be available for the moment in the United States, but it is very likely that in the coming months it will become global. We will see first how it works there and then be transferred to the rest.


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