Cooking is traditionally thought of as a woman’s job. In homes, most meals are prepared by women but men do hold their own when it comes to cooking. Do Men And Women Cook Differently?

Many professional chefs are male and almost half of women in relationships say their male partner is better at cooking than they are.

woman-kitchen-man-everyday-lifeWhy is that?

Is the reason for that the fact that men and women cook differently?

And if the answer is yes, what are those differences between the way men and women cook?

If you have ever stepped in a kitchen run by a man and one run by a woman, you already know the answer to the previous question.

Yes, men and women cook differently but let’s see if you noticed all the differences while you were observing them in action.

Men cook to impress

When it comes to preparing food the driving force behind every meal prepared by a man is the desire to impress. The need to show off their skills in the kitchen drives men to experiment more. They are more likely to try that new recipe they saw Gordon Ramsey preparing, they love being adventurous in the kitchen.

If you think trying out new recipes is the limit to their experimentation you’re wrong; men are also more likely to try out new ingredients and stock up on exotic spices.

Learning how to best include truffle salt or fennel pollen in a meal is definitely something no woman will lose sleep over, but her other half just might.

cooking-eat-cut-foodWomen cook to nurture

Mothers and female heads of households have been preparing meals for their families and loved ones for centuries. Cooking is a way for women to express their love and take care of their families.

It is said that women are more subtle when it comes to using spices and prefer to cook meals that are traditional and homey, creating a comfortable and cozy feeling for all that are enjoying their meals.

Preparing grandma’s old recipes brings that feeling to life, so women are also believed to follow the instructions more closely and worry less about bringing the latest cooking fad into their kitchen and homes.

Men love their gadgets

Men are known for their love affair with gadgets and you can bet it extends to the kitchen. Men might love cooking but that doesn’t mean they aren’t always on the lookout for the next gadget that will make their work faster and easier.

Manufacturers of kitchen and cooking gadgets know this and they create and innovate with the male in mind. If you’ve walked into a kitchen with the latest sonic foamer, aluminum rolling pins, or a stellar Maytag refrigerator proudly on display, you can be sure it is a kitchen run by a man.

Women use tricks of the trade

Women might not use fancy gadgets but they know their stuff. Preparing old recipes and learning how to cook from their elders means they also learn countless tricks of the trade.

If you need to know the best way to sauté vegetables, prepare the crispiest bacon, or how to salvage a burned meal, coming to a female-run kitchen is definitely the right choice.

And who needs the fancy gadgets when you know all the tricks to get the job done without them and have less to clean up afterward?

End score

Although, men and women differ in many habits relating to cooking one thing is certain, they are good at it.

We all have our peculiarities and they don’t exclude our behavior in the kitchen but if you ask me, bringing our strengths together in the kitchen can only lead to better meals and a whole lot of fun while cooking.

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