I have created this selection of 35 tools to improve your Marketing on Twitter in an effective way, which I hope will be very useful for your Marketing campaigns. I have chosen the tools I use to measure from different points of view, my marketing campaigns on Twitter and that I think will be very useful for you.

35 Tools to make a strategic Marketing on Twitter

This selection of  35 Tools to improve your marketing strategy on Twitter,  is no accident. They arise from my research on how to optimize my campaigns and I hope that, like me, they will help you improve your reach and meet your marketing goals on Twitter.

It has been both the success of these tools and applications, that Twitter itself has acquired some such as Tweetdeck and has released its own applications and tools such as Twitter Analytics, Twitter Cards and Twitter Ads.

Twitter Tools for Management and Monitoring


Acquired by Twitter, it is undoubtedly one of the most versatile tools to monitor and manage your accounts and your campaigns on Twitter. It is free for computers and for Ipads (only IOS), but it is not compatible with mobile phones.

It allows you to manage up to 10 accounts for free with a system of easy columns to organize and customize, according to your interests. The main functions of Tweetdeck are:

  • Write messages in real time or program them.
  • Retweet with one or more accounts.
  • Reply Tweets from all the accounts you manage.
  • Monitor mentions of your accounts.
  • Monitor the tracking, RT and I like your accounts.
  • Receive and answer Direct messages.
  • Schedule Tweets
  • Monitor and interact with the accounts of your lists.
  • Search by subject or keyword
  • Monitor hashtags or trends
  • Monitor user or competition accounts
  • Create collections of Tweets.
  • Create alarms every time they mention your account
  • Create alarms when someone interacts with your account.

It is very useful when managing accounts or find related topics and can be a great ally if you are a Community Manager of one or several brands.


It is perhaps the most popular and one of the most versatile tools with which you can manage your account and make an effective Marketing on Twitter. It has the advantage that allows you to combine up to 3 social networks in its free version (Twitter, Linkedin, and Facebook, for example). And that is compatible with Android and IOS mobile devices.

With Hootsuite you can add multiple applications to your free apps directory: Youtube, Soundcloud, Mailchimp, Instagram, etc. In the Pro version, you can manage many accounts, create management and publication teams, track and automate hashtags, accounts or chosen filters.

It has a very simple interface and a mobile application for Android and IOS, which allows you to monitor, publish, answer and program tweets in real time or at the highest audience times for your account.

It also has a large forum that facilitates information and training for companies and individuals through its blog, its webinars, and its training programs, free and paid.

It also has the extension Hootlet, compatible with all browsers,  which allows you to easily share in any of the networks that you manage with Hootsuite, the contents that you are reading on the web.


It is one of the most powerful tools to manage accounts and make an effective Marketing on Twitter. It is free for accounts of less than 5000 followers and offers different plans in pro version, according to the size and audience of your brand.

It has a statistics system that is ideal for you if you are a community manager or social media manager, over your entire community of followers and followed on Twitter, accompanied by maps and graphs of great use.

It offers you a large amount of segmented information about your account, of great value to improve your marketing strategy on Twitter. For example, it shows you how many and who are your new followers, what accounts have stopped you from following; and which and how many of the accounts you follow are inactive. It also tells you who has a ratio of followers and followed decompensated and what accounts are too active and if you can consider them spam.

It informs you about the time zone where your community is located by country or city and in what language your account is configured, with which you can correct and publish at the most appropriate times, according to the location of your audience. It also tells you which accounts are active in real time (a maximum of 100 in the free version).

It also offers you a cloud with the most frequent words of the biography of your community and what are the most frequent words and terms within your communication. A very appropriate information to improve the impact and reach of your communication on Twitter.

Audiense also has a search filter for keywords and geolocation that helps you find a target audience and related to your marketing interests. In the free version also offers a detailed map of the best day and the best time to tweet, according to the connection and the level of interactivity of your community on Twitter.

Manage Flitter

It is another of those tools that help you optimize the ratio of Followers and followed, the quality of your audience and improve the reach and impact of your communication on Twitter.

The free version has no followers limit and offers several options, but the pro version offers great possibilities. In relation to the management of your community on Twitter, with Manage flitter, you can see and proceed on the accounts that do not correspond to your follow, organizing them by relevance, number of followers or followed.

It also tells you which accounts of your followers are inactive, that is, they have not published in the last 30 days and invites you to stop following them, as well as accounts without a personalized photo or that publish in languages other than your account.

It could be a very powerful tool to grow your community on Twitter. Depending on this you can stop following up to 100 people every 24 hours in the free version and up to 300 in the paid version.

It offers you the possibility to follow the accounts (up to 50 every 24 hours in the free version), that have mentioned your account. It also offers target audience tracking based on the keywords of your biography, location, and number of followers. With this filter, you will be able to find a public related to your products or services and build around your brand an interested and active audience with your communication.

It also has in the Engagement section, an application that I find very useful and strategic for your communication: the Power Post. This function lets you know what day and time of the week you can post in, to get more reach and interaction. This information is obtained by Manage Flitter according to the connection and participation of your community on Twitter.

With this feature, you can make sure that the best contents of your blog are published strategically in the hours in which there is a greater part of your connected Twitter community.


It is a tool for Twitter and Instagram that helps you manage followers and followed by your account. A good use of Crowdfire allows you to increase your followers on Twitter and create an active community that participates and interacts continuously with your content.

It allows you to find people who have stopped following you or who do not correspond your follow (with your own name) and invites you to stop following them to balance the ratio of followers and followed by your account. It also allows you to strategically copy and follow followers of other accounts.

Crowdfire is a tool that lets you know who don’t follow you or who has stopped following you on Twitter and Instagram. Ideal to expand audiences and be more selective.

The application sends you notifications and periodic reports on the statistics and activity of your account: increase and reciprocity. You can also send direct (DM) automatic welcome messages to new followers, something I do not recommend if you want your communication to be closer.

It also allows you to create a “white list” in which you can include strategic accounts so that you never stop following (influencers, important accounts) even if your follow-up does not correspond. It allows you to follow up to 25 accounts every 24 hours and stop following 100 accounts a day.

It is important to remember that the excessive use of tracking tools can have a negative impact on your community. Use Crowdfire with strategy and you will see positive results in a short time.

Twitter Tools for Content Healing 


It is an almost mandatory tool for all people who are dedicated to Online Marketing. It allows you to follow and classify the websites and blogs referring to any sector. It is ideal to find blogs, websites and content sources of strategic value for your Twitter account.

With it, you can see the latest content and publications of blogs that you create referring to your sector. This way you can read and share on your Twitter account, relevant information and content of value for your audience.

With Feedly, you can publish both live and delayed, as it is perfectly compatible with programmers such as Buffer, Hootsuite, IFTTT, etc.

It also exists as a Mobile application, with which you can read and share from anywhere and mobile device.


It is another of those strategic tools that help you strategically create and share good content. It works as a very versatile platform that allows you to find information and different social networks and formats.

You can search for published tweets, Instagram or Flickr photos, Youtube videos, animated gifs, etc. in relation to a keyword, brand, event or hashtag

With it you can create a summary consisting of the tweets or images you want, contextualizing your content through texts or titles that the application offers. When you publish it, it offers you the option of mentioning the accounts from which you have selected your tweets, with which, the possibilities of interaction of your publication are extended.

The summary can be inserted into your website and on twitter, it has an attractive design, similar to a magazine or a book where each tweet is a page and you can interact.

Twitter tools for strategic content programming


Buffer is one of those applications that I recommend to community managers to use almost daily. It is perhaps the best-known application as a content programmer on Twitter and other social networks. In the Free version, you can program up to 10 publications in 3 social networks. In the Pro version, you can create teams, program large amounts of content on the main social networks.

It is a highly effective tool because you can program in the schedules with the greatest connection in your community, to generate more impressions, more interaction, and participation with your content.

You must install the Buffer Application and also the Buffer extension in your browser. This will allow you to program content strategically to publish at times more appropriate to your audience. It also allows you to retweet at other times and not live. Strategic if the schedules in which you read the content are not appropriate for your audience.

You can configure buffer with the Bitly link shortener, which is the most used shortener, so your audience will not know you are using a programmer for your communication.

It also has its own analytical system that allows you to see what content has generated more reach: Top Tweet of the week. With this strategic information, you will be able to know the schedules and types of content that work best.

It also has a very powerful blog: Buffer blog, which is one of my favorites in content and strategy for Online Marketing and Social Media.


If you do not know IFTTT, you’re missing out on the opportunity to work with one of the most powerful free management and strategic programming tools in Social Networks.

The main function of main IFTTT  is to offer you the possibility of creating management formulas for your networks at your convenience. In fact, the acronym is: ” If This Then That “, which works by effect action and reaction, if I do this task, then automatically perform the one you have programmed. An action conditionally.

Once logged and registered, you can start creating your recipes (Recipes). You can choose a trigger channel ( choose trigger channel option ), to create a recipe (formula) that has repercussions on another of your networks, channels or storage platforms. Once this step is done, you can automate your actions in the channels you choose, so that they are published in the ones you want.

IFTTT offers you up to 104 different Online Marketing platforms to create Recipes for programming and automation. You can create “Recipes” with more than 100 online platforms: Gmail, Google +, Buffer, Dropbox, Facebook, Evernote, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, Tumblr, Vimeo, Bit.ly, Blogger, WordPress, Foursquare, Linkedin, Youtube, etc.

It allows you to create recipes so that if something happens on your source channel or if you perform an action, it has a replica or consequence on the channel of your choice. For example: if you are tagged in a Facebook photo, you can automate the action that the image is stored in Dropbox or sent to you as an attachment in a Gmail or mail service that you have or publish on Twitter live or through Buffer, for example.

You can create many custom recipes, according to your needs and according to your strategy on Twitter and other social networks. You can also activate and deactivate your recipes. You can also track the contents of an account or a hashtag and publish or store it on the social network you want or create an alert with an email message. It has infinite possibilities and with it, you can make an effective and strategic communication.

With this strategy, you will get what happens in one of your social networks or communication channels, have automatic repercussion in another. Or that the actions you perform on a platform, are stored, programmed, published or shared on the network and on the platform you want. It’s like a general scorecard to exchange actions and reactions on all your accounts.

It is very important that you do not automate your publication, but that it helps you to manage information strategically, always with your supervision.

Later Bro

Later Bro is another useful and easy-to-use application for programming content on Twitter and Facebook. It does not need registration and you can program a huge amount of content in fractions of 15 minutes. In other words, you can program a maximum of 4 publications per hour: in point, a quarter, a half and a quarter less.

It allows you to shorten the links since it is synchronized with bit.ly and if you delete a tweet, it does not delete it, but sends it to a folder where you can retrieve it, edit it and re-program it. It is a very useful tool and a good resource for strategically programming content over a prolonged period of time, if your content is timeless.

Social Jukebox

It is a free programming tool that allows you to schedule and publish up to 100 tweets a day (something that we certainly do not recommend doing). It has a simple interface to use so that your messages are published randomly on the days and dates that you indicate, even if they are different times for each day.

You can program unique content or with a repetition frequency (something that you should do only strategically) from every 5 hours up to each determined number of days, weeks or months. Once your content is programmed, it offers you the possibility to see who has mentioned you and if those mentions are related to the content programming.

Also every Friday will automatically thank those who have mentioned (in English). You can deactivate this option in the thank you section, since this option is somewhat uncomfortable as it automatically publishes, something that may indicate that you are programming your content.

Analytics Tools on Twitter

Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics is undoubtedly one of the most important applications for strategic marketing on Twitter.

It offers you relevant information and for specific periods of time or that you can personalize. If for example, you decide that the information is month by month. Regarding your publications, month to month you can know the scope and impact of your publications in an orderly manner. For example, you can know:

  • The number of tweets that you have published each month
  • The number of new followers
  • The number of impressions of your posts
  • The number of visits to your profile
  • The number of mentions of your account
  • The number of tweets with links to your profile (your links shared by other accounts)
  • Which of your publications has had the most interaction (hopefully it’s own content)
  • Which of the mentions to your account has been the most interactions generated
  • The account that has begun to follow you with more authority
  • The tweet with main multimedia content
  • The twitter card with the most impact and reach.

In the section of Tweets, you can see the days and times in which more interaction has been with your communication. For example, you can see the impact of your organic campaigns and the development of your activity if someday you have generated or participated in a debate or meeting on Twitter (something that I would recommend especially).

In this section, Twitter analytics gives a detailed report of the interaction of each and every one of your tweets and how your audience participated in your communication. If you retweet, by clicking on the image, on the link, on the hashtag if you use it, etc. A relevant information to know in what way you see and participate in your communication, your audience.

In the event that it is a sponsored tweet, it will give you a detailed information on the interaction and statistics that will let you know if your publication has reached the right target audience and meets your marketing objectives.

Twitter Analytics also informs you about the growth and evolution of your audience on Twitter, that is, it tells you what kind of people read and participate in your communication, segmenting that information by followers and followed. You can see what gender they are, where they are located and in what language they communicate mainly. All this information is relevant if you want to measure and improve your communication.

It also makes a comparison of the growth of followers and lifestyle, informing you of the topics that most interest and share your audience and on what television issues on Twitter. This information, as you will understand, is strategic at the time that you can offer topics of interest to your target audience, in the language and time most appropriate for your audience.

In the audience and lifestyle section, Twitter Analytics also lets you know which are the most shared topics or that generate more interaction with your audience and in which they participate more. This information is very valuable when it comes to sharing topics of direct interest with your target audience.


Tweetbinder is another of the most useful and versatile web analytics tools for Twitter and is ideal if you want to have direct information about the interaction of your campaigns. In fact, it is one of the 3 free analytics tools of Twitter that I have chosen in a previous article.

This tool allows you to see for free the analytics of a #hashtag, a Twitter account or a shared link on Twitter, in the last 300 tweets. This lets you know who has actively participated in your communication, which accounts have shared or retweeted your content, at what time, with what scope and interaction. It offers you a complete infographic (Advanced Report) on the most popular accounts (the ones with the most followers) and which have achieved a greater reach with your content.

It also informs you of the links or images shared through the account, links or hashtags that you are analyzing. It is also ideal for market studies or competition analysis and know which are the links or contents most shared and by whom.

It is a strategic tool to do Marketing on Twitter , since it allows you to know exactly who the followers are that most interact with your account, with your content and with hashtags that you use, whether it be about common themes or forums in which you participate.


Tweriod is one of those tools that can be very useful to know what day and what time your Twitter audience is connected and when they have interacted with your content.

It offers you simple and precise statistics, which are ideal to know the behavior of your followers and to be able to offer them the content they want in the hours and days in which they are connected and active.


Bit.ly is not only one of the most used URL shorteners in the world, it is also one of the most versatile and useful tools to make effective Twitter Marketing and obtain very valuable statistics about your tweets.

Once logged in, it allows you to shorten, personalize and share links, which keeps a record of interactions and presents them in a chronological way so that you can see the hours and days when there is more interaction with your tweets.

The statistics also offer you a historical count per day of your communication and the areas and countries where your content has been shared. Also the application allows you to analyze the links shortened with Bit.ly from the competition.


This tool that offers you multiple statistics about your Twitter account. It informs you from the opening of the same, the percentage of daily tweets, the ratio of followers and followed, the programming platforms used and their percentage, as well as the shorteners and applications used to publish with the account.

It also offers information based on the interaction of the last 200 tweets published by your account and in it you can see the percentage of published tweets, retweets and responses to your brand. It has a system to measure the influence of your Twitter account, based on the number and percentage of interactions of your publications. That is how many retweets you have and how many favorites in proportion to the number of publications made. It also takes into account how many lists your Twitter account has been included in.

Finally it offers you statistics of the hashtags and accounts with the highest number of mentions from your account. A battery of data that can help you improve your Twitter strategy and account interaction strategically.


A very useful application to obtain statistics and analytics of a website, your Twitter account and Instagram. It offers you strategic information about the activity of your communication channels in specific periods of time that you can modify at will for days, weeks or months.

The application has a free version and a pro that, of course, offers much more specific data about the scope, the interaction of your communication and the growth of your audience. With regard to Twitter, it offers the statistics of growth, interaction and ranking of tweets with more interactions of your account (always in relation to specific periods of time), which allows you to measure and compare the evolution of your communication in Twitter

Thanks to these reports you can see and analyze the different actions and campaigns of your communication on Twitter and analyze the results. It allows you to program your publications strategically in the days and hours of greatest interaction, something that would strategically improve the reach of your communication.

Twitter tools to analyze the interaction

Retweet Rank

It is a tool that lets you know the degree of response, interaction and influence of your communication on Twitter. Graphically, it shows you by days and weeks the percentage of participation of your audience and the influence of your communication, based on the interaction.

For example, the following graphic tells you the percentage of interaction of your communication on Twitter. In my case, 99.78% of the published tweets have some type of interaction, which is a favorable information.

Also create a board for your account where you can see the progress of your communication in the last days. For the pro version, you can get the following information:

  • Interaction of your Top Tweets.
  • Retweets of influencers.
  • Best time to post
  • Better themes or trends
  • You can configure traces and retweets with keywords.
  • Export the reports with all these reports.


It is one of those strategic applications to know the quality of your audience on Twitter and to detect and differentiate between who your followers are, who are your fans and your superfans, since it creates an interactive map that draws by mentions, the interaction of your account of Twitter with the last 200 publications of your account.

The Map shows you the accounts with the greatest number of interactions visible with the number of tweets in each segment, with the possibility to see each of the tweets, if you click on each line. It also allows you to see the hashtags associated with your account or the accounts with which you have interaction.

It also allows you to monitor a hashtag or an account, which means you can do a market or competition study. Something that will help you improve your study and your communication strategy on Twitter.

Twitter tools to improve the interaction of your content

In this section I want to recommend 3 plugins for WordPress plus Twitter Cards, which will help improve your marketing strategy on Twitter, as they help to enhance interaction and participation

Click to Tweet

It is an application that helps you create summary phrases that invite your readers to tweet some of your phrases, as your reading progresses. Easy to apply and install, it will help you to improve the interaction with your best readers.

JM Twitter Cards

It is another plugin that helps you to configure an image attached to your tweets, so that when someone wants to tweet your content, you have the option to do it with an attached image, which helps significantly increase interaction with your communication on Twitter.

Digg Digg

Another plugin for easy installation and configuration that allows you to create a top bar and a bottom bar to invite your readers to share your content. You can also configure a sidebar (floating bar) that accompanies the reading vertically, to invite your readers to share your content on Twitter and other social networks.

Twitter Cards

It is another of the main functions of Twitter Analytics and is associated with its Twitter Ads strategy. It allows you to create rich format tweets with which you can organically or payment, highlight your tweets.

It offers up to 8 different card formats that you can configure according to your Marketing strategy on Twitter:

Twitter tools to study the sector and the competition 


A tool that allows you to search and explore all terms referring to any Twitter account or hashtag: mentions, frequent words, tags or links shared with the search criteria.

It is ideal to improve your Twitter strategy , since you can analyze your competitors or the influencers on Twitter and know what are the most frequent terms used on Twitter, the hashtags associated with that account and the last shared links.


It is a tool developed by MOZ, which allows you to study and make a comparison of the followers and audiences of various Twitter accounts.

This lets you know how many followers and followers you have in common with other accounts in the market, the interaction and growth of them. A very useful information when viewing and assessing the growth of your audience compared to your colleagues or the brands of your niche or market sector.

It also allows you to know the number of followers, the percentage of Retweets and mentions of each account, the seniority and the authority of each one. It is a strategic tool for market research on Twitter. In the pro version, it allows you to monitor and track Twitter accounts.


A tool that allows you to make an exhaustive analysis of your account and the account of the users that you want to know about their ratio of follow and followers, the lists to which they belong and the age of their account.

For your user account, it offers many strategic statistics to improve your marketing on Twitter, for example:

  • Most mentioned users
  • Users who interact most with your account
  • Days and hours of greatest interaction
  • The most used Hashtags
  • The tweets that have been most marked as favorites
  • The users with the most answers
  • The platforms from which the interactions have been generated.

Twitter Audit

It is an ideal tool to analyze the percentage of accounts of inactive or dubious followers (fakes) or bots of your account and other Twitter accounts. The tool measures in percentage and numbers the accounts that it can not detect as visible, active.

It is ideal for market studies and audits of accounts of the competition. It saves a history so you can make a comparison later

Twitter Counter

An ideal platform to see the growth and comparison of followers and followed by your account or the account you want to audit on Twitter. In the free version it allows you to see some comparatives in very intuitive graphics.

The pro version allows you to download reports, make analysis and comparisons of your account with others in the sector, see the interaction chart and track and strategically monitor Twitter accounts related to your sector or niche market.

Twitter tool for geolocation and TT trend search


An ideal application to know where your audience (Twitter followers) is located worldwide. It generates an interactive world map in which you can see and analyze the reach of your brand. It also offers very complete statistics and reports on the number and percentage of your community, segmented by countries, communities and cities.

It has incorporated valuable statistics as the best time to tweet, according to your audience and the ability to schedule your tweets to be published in the days and hours of greatest interaction with your account.


It is an application that generates you live an interactive map of the world with the most used Twitter accounts, trends and hashtag anywhere. It allows you to track and find current trends in the world, in your region and in your city.

It is strategic when it comes to finding hashtags or topics that are a tendency to participate or interact with them if you are looking to generate interest, debate or expand your communication.


It is an application that shows you live topics and trends of Twitter segmented by languages. You can enter searches by words, hashtags or accounts and live broadcast the results of your searches with a maximum of 5 columns. You can make comparisons and studies on different topics and trends. Ideal for studies and comparisons.

Twitter tools for content dynamization

First of all, thank you very much for getting here and taking the time to read this extensive post. I want to finish this article with two less complex tools, more visual, but that can help you generate a different communication and increase the participation and interaction of your audience on Twitter.

Visible Tweets

It allows you to create projections, based on word clouds around an account or a hashtag with the tweets that have been published around your search. Create a series of publications that reproduce tweets in a dynamic and attractive way, with different types of animation.

If you have a large screen or a projection, you can invite your audience to participate with a hashtag or mention an account during a presentation, a presentation or a debate. Providing contents and points of view on the subject.

Pablo by Buffer

For having arrived here at the end of the post, I have a prize for you. After seeing this application for Twitter and other social networks, you will have a very powerful tool.

I have the pleasure of teaching you Pablo by Buffer , which has undoubtedly become one of my favorite tools. Pablo is a free application that helps you create images for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. It has a bank of over 600,000 royalty-free images that you can use. Yes, you have read well six hundred thousand images that we can use thanks to the agreement you have with large image sales platforms such as Unsplash and Pixabay.

Both the images and the typefaces are editable and with current designs. It also allows you to upload your own images, add your logo, prepare them for social networks or for your blog, since you can download them in high resolution.

Pablo by Buffer is now one of the best applications to compose publications that strategically generate interaction with your audience.


Exporttweet is a hashtag & account tracking and a Twitter analytics tool which is considered the best for research purposes.

I have made a selection of the tools I find most versatile to make a strategic and effective Marketing on Twitter. I hope that with them you can improve the strategy and the results of your campaigns.

But obviously, as all compilation can be enlarged and improved. And for this, I invite you to teach me other tools that may have been ignored in this post.

 What are your favorite Twitter tools?


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Piyush Khatri

Excellent round-up post Harry but unfortunately our twitter analytics tool “exporttweet” couldn’t find its place in the list.

Exporttweet is a hashtag & account tracking and a twitter analytics tool which is considered the best for research purposes.

Being the co-founder of this tool, I request you to please include the tool in the list and also invite you to kindly log-on and test the functionality of the tool with full functionality (we can provide you the free access to the tool).


Dwayne Graves

Thanks Harry for the awesome list. I have been using hootsuit and buffer app for last few years. They are good enough but was thinking about IFTTT. After reading your blog post I feel I should try few more tools to find the best one and get the maximum from twitter. Thanks again!


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