If workout improves health or fitness, there are also ways to train the brain which help you to be a smarter person. And it is that the innate capacities of our brain can be greatly enhanced through learning and stimulation.

To get a toned body you have to practice aerobic gymnastics; For muscle the brain we count on the neuróbica. The term was coined by Lawrence Katz, a neurologist at Duke University (USA), and father of this new discipline that could be defined as brain fitness.

The acquisition or repetition of a behavior, a mental exercise, a physical dexterity or a playful activity, causes the brain to reconfigure itself.

If you’ve ever said “I want to be smarter“, keep in mind that we can not know everything but from now on you can start training your intelligence by taking care of the brain and introducing some eating and lifestyle habits that help you to become smarter.

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Brain Training:

Making hobbies, writing daily or learning a new language are activities that will improve your brain health and make you smarter.

  • Use mnemonic rules to memorize things in different ways.
  • Learn: Take up the challenge of learning a new skill. Choose something that you would like to learn how to do, such as playing an instrument, or a task that you are not good at, such as cooking, or math, and concentrate on it. At first, you may feel uncomfortable or even less intelligent than you felt before, but if you study or practice with dedication you will make new connections in your mind and, little by little, increase your confidence.
  • Make hobbies: puzzles, sudokus, and games based on words or numbers are ideal to keep the brain always in shape. Also, mathematical and geometric exercises and even simple video games, such as Super Mario, have a visible impact on the flexibility of the brain.
  • Write every day: if you want to be smarter try to exercise your brain and write a little every day.
  • Learn a new language: bilinguals have been shown to have a greater volume of gray matter in the frontal and parietal lobes. And gray matter is responsible for processing information, including memory, speech, and sensory perception.

Eating habits:

If you take a diet rich in nuts, eggs, fish and green vegetables, you can become smarter.

Introduce these foods in your diet to improve your brain health:

  • Fish: Fatty fish such as anchovies, salmon or tuna are the most important source of long-chain omega-3 fatty acids such as docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), a key structural component of cells and, above all, Membrane of brain cells.
  • Eggs: the hill present in the eggs favors memory.
  • Green Vegetables: A pigment found in green leafy vegetables has been linked to brain health and crystallized intelligence, or the ability to use the skills and knowledge gained during life.
  • Green tea: contains L-theanine, an amino acid that generates an increase in “alpha” brain waves.
  • Nuts: the nuts, for example, are rich in omega-3 and contain other neuroprotective compounds, and vitamin E, folic acid, melatonin and antioxidants that give further benefits to the brain.
  • Cocoa: Epicatechin, a substance found in plants such as cocoa, has direct effects on the brain.
  • Black and pure chocolate: it brings improvements in memory and abstract thinking if taken at least once a week. The flavonoids it contains increase the blood flow to the cerebral cortex, the part responsible for managing complex problems

Other eating habits you can apply to be smarter are:

  • Take two glasses of water for 30 minutes after standing up. Drinking water increases the ability to complete mental tasks.
  • It avoids the consumption of drugs and also of alcohol.
  • Eliminate sugar from your diet to the fullest: high sugar levels are not recommended for your mind to function intelligently.
  • Do not eat chewing gum: they say that chewing gum makes us perform worse tasks related to short-term memory, such as remembering the names of a list.


There are certain habits that you can acquire if you intend to be smarter. They are small gestures that, with a little dedication, will bring you great results.

  • Be more curious: with Internet access today there are fewer excuses for not finding out what you want to know. In addition, research will make you smarter because, little by little, you will develop effective search skills to get the information you want to find.
  • Read more: all you can read is little. To be smarter you must become a voracious reader because that way you will expose yourself to a whole universe of ideas and information. If you are a slow reader, you can learn agile reading techniques. And as you read, consider taking notes and even searching for one or two words in the dictionary.
  • Learn a new word every day: use the dictionary to read the definition of a word you do not know, then practice it during the day.
  • Teach: you can volunteer to pass on what you know to others. If you share your knowledge and skills with the rest, you will not only remember better yourself but also find that the other person’s questions will help you realize how smart you are.
  • Listen to classical music: and if it can be Mozart, better.
  • Have moments of solitude: to reflect and to rest alone is necessary for the correct development of your brain. It is in solitude when you digest everything you have learned during the day or week and you can review the problems that are important to you. Add to your day a time of silence away from everything and meditate; Regular meditation can generate changes in the brain, improve memory, attention span and can increase certain parts of the cerebral cortex.
  • Experiment: Having fun is a way of being smarter, apparently. For example, wash your teeth with the opposite hand.
  • Sleep well: ideally 6-8 hours a day. And if you can, take a 20-minute nap at noon.
  • Surround yourself with intelligent people: Habits are socially contagious. The thoughts of the people with whom you spend most of your time will end up being part of you; Choose well with whom you relate.
  • Exercise: The most important thing to keep the brain working is to be in good physical condition. If you have time to exercise regularly, bet on couples dancing, such as salsa or tango, or sports such as tennis. These activities require quick decision-making and the storage of large amounts of information, so they are good for the body and brain. It is scientifically proven that physical exercise favors neurogenesis or production of new neurons (brain regeneration) that can make you smarter.


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