One of the first things a company does is design their logo, select their Brand colors, and design a website. These things are essential. Your logo will go on everything you touch. It is literally your calling card in the business world. Unfortunately, this is also where many entrepreneurs make the biggest mistake.

Having a poorly constructed logo and the “wrong” colors does more damage than having no logo at all. Here is why:

●    It announces that you are inexperienced

There is a difference between being new in an industry and being inexperienced. When you walk into the office of your potential client and hand him a business card that looks like your sister printed them off your home computer, it screams “I am fresh out of the box, please buy my stuff.” In most cases, that customer will either not buy from you, or will try to take advantage of you. Neither of these scenarios ends well for you.

●    The colors turn him or her off

We all know that colors evoke different feelings in us. There is no “bad” color, but it the emotions it touches goes against your brand, it can do some damage. We all know the famous soda with the bright red circle trimmed with white.

This leading manufacturer knows that red is a color for action, passion, going for it. When you reach for one of those sodas, you are reaching for the boost in your mood and spirit. That is exactly what they want you to do.

However, if your product is a state of the art bedding system, you do not want your customers to spring into action. You want them to associate your brand with rest, comfort, relaxation, and recovery. Blue would be a better choice, as it is the color for those things and it enforces trust.

annoyed arms

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In our next example, maybe your product is a women’s hiking boot. Your client is a young female, physically fit, sure of herself, and ready to take on the mountain trail.

A professional would know that pink brings to mind sweetness, girlish, and limited women. This is the opposite of the client base you want to establish. The act of handing her a business card or a coffee mug that all “girly” will cause her to think you have different core values than she does and she probably will not consider endorsing or buying your product no matter how good they are.


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●    Diversity is king

You will have one logo. Your logo in the chosen color will go on everything from your business card to your social media page. It will be on flyers, posters, stationery, and promo items. It will be on company vehicles and building signs. This is not the time to ride the rainbow. Follow the lead of companies that spend millions on marketing. Keep it simple. Clean, simple, and colors that appeal to your demographic.

Are you confused? We can help.

These are common mistakes that cost business owners time and money. But, you do not have to make these rookie mistakes. Technology has made the art of selecting the right colors for your logo easier. The science behind this dilemma is in the matching of color systems that allow you to produce the same color on any surface. The color is as crisp and clear on your promo t-shirts as it is on your stationery and business cards.

PMS Color for your logo

There are 3 industry standards for your colors. They are:

  • CMYB – this stands for cyan, magenta, yellow, and black
  • RGB – this stands for primary colors Red, Green and Black
  • PMS – this stands for Pantone Matching System

The PMS system has an extensive color guide that shows the color on one side and an identification number on the other. The system allows manufacturers to match the CMYB and RGB colors for a perfect color every time and on any surface.

PMS for logo

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Any printer or manufacturer can tell you that this is a groundbreaking system. In the past, a company could print business cards with their logo color, such as red. Then when they used the same color on fabric, wood, or glass find the results were more orange than red or maybe have blue undertones. This problem is resolved with the PMS system. Two manufacturers in two different states can produce the exact match every time by using the PMS system.

Once you have configured the correctly attained your PMS color standards, there is nothing holding you back. You can pursue your marketing directives, and equip your employees with tools that work. You will make the right impression the first time and every time. Quality promo gear, literature, and internet sites catapult your sales team into action. If you want to grab your share of the market, you have to represent your Brand with style.

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