Jumanji for Android is a board game located in the frame of any device. If you have ever played Monopoly, it will remind you of this game. Besides that, it also incorporates the usual system of creating decks.

Objective Of The Game

The Jumanji board for Android consists of 13 boxes. Two of them are special and one is the exit box. The objective of the game is to ruin our rival, hence its resemblance to Monopoly, or build three adjoining buildings. All constructions will have a price, but investments can be made profitable. Amen to get gold every time we pass through the box, another fact that reminds us precisely Monopoly.

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To all this, we must include the different cards that make up our deck and the dice to move our character through the 13 boxes. The letters are classified according to cost and rarity. At the same time, we will find chests in the form of backpacks that are unlocked with time or with gems.

Throughout the game, the character that we manage will be able to level up by getting cards from himself. Each of the characters that take part in the game has a series of specific skills. These characters are Dr. Bravestone, Professor Oberon, Ruby Roundhouse and Moose Finbar. The same, precisely, that participate in the film that will be released.

Download Jumanji For Android

To tell the truth, Jumanji for Android is a very simple game to play. A classic board game, set in the movie, which is very funny as we immerse ourselves in it. The games are quite fast (in this it differs from Monopoly) so that we can face the maximum number of rivals. As you win games you ascend in the general classification and allows you to discover many more things in this game.

Jumanji for Android has been available for a few days on Google Play for free download. We leave you with the link so you can install it on your device and tell us how it is. If you like Monopoly type board games or you are waiting for the premiere of Jumanji we think it will be a game that you will like very much.

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