Influence marketing is all about identifying people who can effectively deliver important content to your target audience. It is by building ties with influencers that you will reach them and collaborate with them. But what are the different steps to identify them, get in touch with them and retain them in your brand?

Definition of Influence Marketing

Influence marketing is a practice that aim to use the notoriety and recommendation potential of web influencers to talk about a product in order to push for purchase. This requires identifying influencers who will effectively communicate your message to their community (which is your main target).

This is often a win-win agreement for both parties. For the brand, it is a question of increasing the organic scope and for the influencers, it is to reinforce its position of an expert on the subject and potentially to obtain a remuneration.

1. The search for influencers

You must establish a real strategy! As a brand, you can be solicited by influencers to create a partnership. Select your partners! Make sure that your audiences match and that the influencer is recognized in the field in which you operate. To create a lasting relationship, it is appropriate to find the right people. You can do it from the standby to find influencers that interest you by losing yourself in the meanders of the internet or you can use influential marketing tools such as Klout, Kred, BuzzSumo, Followerwonk, …

2. Interest in their work

Influencers are in great demand and they do not accept all partnerships. So you have to make a difference. Watch and study their work and especially do not hesitate to interact with them. Abandon messages that are too commercial, opt for friendly and encouraging messages.

3. Get in touch with influencers

This is the fateful moment! When you come into contact with an influencer, the golden rule is to personalize your message. You exchange with a real person, not a robot, you must seduce the influencer so that he accepts your partnership request. The influencer must understand why you choose to solicit it rather than another.

4. Provide quality content

If you want your content to be shared or bought, it must, of course, be of excellent quality. The influencer pays great attention to his e-reputation and the content he shares because their community is very demanding.

5. A Giving-for-Giving Partnership

Being an influencer is a full-time job! Your partnership must be positive for your business, but it must also be beneficial to the influencer. You can offer free products, free tests, coupon codes, or even a remuneration for the performed service. Do not hesitate to pamper your influencers by meeting them during events such as product launches. You can also personalize your packages with a small handwritten word for influencers.

6. Maintain the relationship

If you have a strong relationship with an influencer, do not let time take you away! Be grateful and nurturing the relationship because you could have a real ambassador for your brand.

These few steps will help you to see more clearly in your influence marketing strategy. Develop strong relationships with relevant partners and think about the future and how you can evolve this partnership. And finally, keep a reporting chart to find out who you contacted, whom you want to contact, the status of your application, the organic scope of the posts sponsored … Report accurately to see if the game is worth the effort!

And finally, keep a reporting chart to find out who you contacted, whom you want to contact, the status of your application. Report accurately to see if the game is worth the effort!

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