The hurricane Irma, formed in the Atlantic Ocean, reached the island of Puerto Rico, the Associated Press reported on Thursday.

Hurricane brought torrential rains and strong gusts of wind. Due to a natural disaster without electricity, there were about 900,000 Puerto Ricans. According to the forecasts of the National Hurricane Center of the USA, the hurricane Irma is directed towards the Turks and Caicos Islands. By Friday, Hurricane Irma can reach Florida, where evacuation of residents of certain areas of the east coast has already begun.

Jennifer Lopez has pledged $1 million to aid victims of the hurricanes that have devastated Puerto Rico. Following a plea to the public for donations via several videos posted on her social media accounts, the singer/actress joined New York governor Andrew Cuomo at a press conference announcing aid to the stricken island. Her personal donation will be taken from the proceeds of her residency shows in Las Vegas.

Other celebrities such as Rosie Perez are also joining the governor in encouraging New Yorkers to donate.

Hurricane Irma, which is assigned the fifth power category on the Saffir-Simpson’s five-point scale, also struck the island state of Antigua and Barbuda. According to the Prime Minister of this country Gaston Brown, almost all the buildings in the country are damaged as a result of the disaster. About 60% of the population of Antigua and Barbuda were forced to leave their homes.

Hurricane Irma
Telegraph-Hurricane Irma

The French islands of Saint-Martin and St. Barthélemy in the Caribbean Sea also suffered severely from the elements. According to the latest data, eight people were killed there, more than 20 were injured. The authorities of Saint-Martin said that the island was “destroyed by 95%“.

According to the Minister of the Overseas Territories of France, Annik Girarden, “all the buildings of Saint-Martin are damaged, in particular, the building of the fire department, the hospital and the city prefecture.”

The Virgin boss Richard Branson had insisted on remaining on the island but took to the concrete shelter with his family and staff Wednesday when worst of the 185 mph winds passed over Necker Island in the Caribbean.

Hurricane reached the fifth, maximum category. Experts believe that he is stronger than the hurricane “Harvey”, which in late August hit the coast of Texas and led to a catastrophic flood.

The media note that Irma is stronger than the hurricane Harvey, which earlier hit Texas and Louisiana and led to disastrous consequences.

In addition, at the moment in the Atlantic Ocean, two more hurricanes – “Katya” and “Jose” are formed. According to forecasts of meteorologists, these two hurricanes can follow the same trajectory as Irma, and cause significant damage. It is expected that by hurricane Jose will intensify by Friday, and the third power category will be assigned to it on a five-point Saffir-Simpson scale.

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