If there is something which is identifiable and relevant element for our brand is a “Logo“. But how can we use choose different platforms to design a free logo?

If you’re like me, a non-graphic designer and you don’t know much about the subject, it will be better for you to have a professional that will make you a design as great as the one that leading web looks like today.

But if this is not your case (like mine). And without being an expert, something you know about graphic designing and you want to design it with some tools, I assure you that there are very good options with which you can make your own logo for free.

What platform to use while designing or creating logos for my brand? As you will see throughout this post, you can count on many options to obtain really great results in a very short span of time.

Discover the best platforms to create and design a free logo.

The issue we are going to talk about today is something that more and more people are asking themselves: what is the best platform to design a free logo?
And today, we all seek something that makes us stand out over others, something that makes us unique and gives us, at the same time, a seal of identity and amazing logo design ideas.

But first, let’s start from the scratch.

What is a logo and what features should it have?

A logo is a graphical identity or image of an organization, company or product, something easily recognizable that automatically identifies a particular brand.
However (it seems simple to create) having a logo is a challenge, since it must be unique and timeless (that is, long lasting), in addition to generating an immediate visual impact that allows you to be easily remembered. In the first place, the concept that we want to capture and transmit in the logo must be very clear. Therefore it is highly recommended to make a briefing or questionnaire where we ask the necessary questions that give us a handful of useful information when designing a logo.

If you REACH here, you almost certainly need a logo as soon as possible.

Maybe you’re one of those who doesn’t have many financial resources and you would like to create logo designs on your own as you are a creative person and you look prepared for it.
Perhaps you are another person profile, such as a self-employed person who has just created his small business, or a photographer/artist.
So, you’re probably wondering …

How much do these platforms cost to make logos?

Currently, there are a lot of tools that allow you to create a logo in a short time. Most are free, although others require a subscription to be downloaded and used.
But there are others (more friendly) that allow you to download a low resolution free designed logo. As you can see, there are many options. You just have to choose the tool that you like and start creating your graphic identity image.
If you need to download a vector or image to transform it later, you will see that in some of the programs that I am going to teach you next you can have a look at their banks of high-quality royalty free images.

Reasons why your company (or yourself) need to design a logo


As I said before, the first visual impact you generate on people is when they see the logo of your company and this will be decisive to generate confidence in them to buy your product or service. If a good impact is achieved, that image will be easily remembered.
People go out and find thousands of logos every day in stores, posters, malls, etc. and remember only those which are unique and attractive. If you get this effect, you have the battle won, and they will choose you.
The next step is to maintain the professionalism and concordance between the image that is projected in the “facade” and the service that is actually given.

To be clear: everything must go in the same line.

Once you are ready with your logo design, you can include it in your web page and give the touch it needs.
If on the other hand, you do not have a website, you can do it yourself in a simple way with this super guide to make a web page in WordPress.

25 best platforms to design a free logo

I don’t want to extend anymore, and that’s why I’ll give you more details about the 25 best platforms to design a free logo in 5 minutes.

Before that, I would like to clarify that these programs were chosen according to criteria such as free, easy to use and because they have an interface that allows you to use them without having knowledge of graphic design.

1 #  GraphicSprings


It is the most powerful logos program available, as it has an excellent image gallery and a large number of font types. It also has a logos creator that allows you to make any customization you want. In fact, GraphicSprings is like having an image editing tool on your own computer. Once you are satisfied with the design achieved, you can download yours in high resolution. It also allows you to hire some of its designers via the web if you want to make a more personalized and professional design.

2 #  DesignMantic

It is an online and totally free tool that guides you step by step so that, through its manufacturer of DIY logos, you can create a graphic image of identity for your company or organization in a very short time. DesignMantic has an extensive gallery of images, as well as a great variety of fonts for your creation to be truly extraordinary.

3 #  Free Online Logo Design

It is a simple but very useful program to make a logo. In just four steps you will get the design that will make your company easily recognized.

  • The first step is to write the name of your company;
  • The second step, you must choose the design that you like most from the gallery.
  • Then, with the creator of designs, you can modify the design chosen, and even add new elements.
  • Finally you have the last step: download the created logo in high resolution.

4 #  Logaster

It is one of the most used free online logo makers, since you only have to add the name of the company or organization, choose the sector in which it develops its activity and in a few moments Logaster generates several dozen logos so that you choose the one that is most Adapt to your tastes and interests. Finally, you just have to download it in the format you want. This program allows you to work with the most used image formats such as jpg, pdf, swp and png.

5 #  Free Logo Services

It is an interesting program to design a free logo. It is completely online and has an extensive selection of design categories arranged in blocks. Among them, you can choose the one that most represents your company. It also allows you to customize your design by adding the type of font and colors you want. Finally, you can download the image and in few minutes, you will have created a great logo.

6 #  Logo Garden


It is one of the most versatile design platforms that exists. With it, you can create professional logos without having to pay for it, thanks to a library of graphics that is regularly updated. In addition, your software offers suggestions so that you can design a free logo of extraordinary appearance in a few minutes.

7 #  Logo Maker

It is considered as the best program to create an attractive logo without any design knowledge. To use it you must register and create a user account, which allows you to later download the designs you create with the help of this tool. Logo Maker has a huge gallery of designs and a great library of fonts, which you can have free.

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8 #  Logo Snap

In just three steps, this program allows you to realize the idea of developing the graphic identity image of your company, trademark, website or blog. Choose the design that you like and the type of font and style. Then it’s just a matter of unleashing your imagination and choosing the color scheme that fits your creation. In less than 5 minutes your new logo will be ready for you to download and use as you like.

9 #  Logosea

This software is very intuitive and easy to use, because it offers you an advanced online design tool, making the task of creating the ideal logo for your company or brand is very simple thanks to an impressive gallery of designs and Lots of font types. The program is 100% free and offers many facilities to download the created logo.

10 #  Free Logo

Free logo

It is a tool that allows you to create very creative designs with many applications in webs, blogs or presentations, as well as in projects to create banners, posters, and infographics.

11 #  Youidraw


It is a powerful program that includes a gallery with hundreds of styles that you can use to design the logo of your brand or company. In addition, it allows you to use a great variety of colors and degradations to make it unique. This program even allows you to open the files you have created from Google Drive or Dropbox and save your creations in the cloud.

12 #  Supalogo

Although it is one of the oldest programs, it is still a valid alternative when designing a logo for your brand because it is a very fast and quite intuitive tool. To create your own you just write the name, choose the design options and then download it. It will be saved with the image format of your choice.

13 #  Textcraft

Is a program intended for fans of the video game Minecraft. It allows to create logos and blocks of text with the appearance and style of the text of an 8-bit video game. It is a completely online application that allows creating a logo of text in very little time, soon to be downloaded for free.

14 #  Thefreelogomakers

It is a free program and very easy to use, as it allows you to search for a theme and select the model you like most within its extensive selection. Then you can add the text, choose the color combination and the effects you want. Once you have finished your design, you can also download it, but this is not all: Thefreelogomakers also offers a custom design service (although to access it you must pay a subscription fee).

15 #  Logo Ease

Logo Ease

It is an excellent application to create logos in a very short time. It’s totally free and you have several video tutorials that will make your task a lot easier when you start using it. With it, you will be able to design, create and download logos for your company, organization, website, blog or event that you are about to carry out.

16 #  Logo Genie

Genie Logo

If you are looking for a free program, Logo Genie can be a very good solution. With this program, you will be able to create the logo that you have in mind in less than 5 minutes and the best thing of all is that you will not have to spend money to use it. It is important to note that the program requires, in order to download the designs, that you register as a user.

17 #  Online Logo Maker

It is one of the most wanted programs for its excellent online tools to create logos quickly and easily, with which you can develop your ideas and translate them into a final design that can be downloaded in PNG format. It offers an additional advantage to the registered users the possibility of saving the created projects to modify them when they need it.

18 #  Logotype Maker

This is another tool to design a logo for free. Just enter the name of the company or brand and click Create Now and in less than a minute the program will create a great logo. If you need to make any changes or modifications, it gives you the option to edit or make any changes. Finally, you can download it to save it to your computer or store it in the cloud.

19 #  Logo Instant

Logo Instant

It is a program of very easy access thanks to its friendly and simple interface. With it you can download hundreds of templates in Illustrator format (incredible but true), and design and realize the logo you want for your company or trademark. Of course, you will not have to pay anything to make the downloads of the templates that you prefer.

20 #  Logo Factory Web

It is a very used program because it does not require any subscription and is completely free. With it, it is very easy to create a logo, as it is very intuitive and guides you step by step. In addition, it has an excellent design gallery with numerous styles and types. Of course, Logo Factory Web also allows you to download it for free.

21 #  CoolText

With it, you can create texts of many shapes, colors and sizes. If you are interested in creating a text logo for your brand, CoolText is the program indicated for it. You only have to include the text, choose the font and the style and in a few seconds your new logo will be ready to be downloaded to your computer or saved in the cloud.

22 #  Flaming Text

This program to make a text logo is considered one of the most versatile of its type thanks to its wide variety of styles, font types, shades and backgrounds to choose from when designing it. In addition, your color palette has a plethora of combinations that will help you to design a unique and unrepeatable logo for your business.

23 #  99designs

It is not only a program but one of the leading graphic design marketplace. On their website, they have a tool that allows you to communicate with the designers in case you need advice.

24 #  Mikons

This is an online tool created by a social community that allows you to create logos and designs, including symbols, icons or the visual identity of different types of products. It has a friendly interface, which makes it an interesting option for those who need to create a logo.

25 #  Shopify

It is a great generator of online logos to measure. This program even allows you to give your design the position and size you want. It has the option of preview so that you observe your creation and you can make the changes that you consider necessary. Once you feel completely at ease, you can download it to your computer. It is worth mentioning that Shopify is not free, however, you have a 14-day trial period that you can take advantage of.

26 # Designevo

designevo logo maker

DesignEvo is a free online logo maker that allows you to create custom logos with millions of icons, 3000+ templates, and 100+ fonts. In a matter of seconds, you can create a logo that perfectly presents your brand, company, club, website, social media, etc.

It features a simple and intuitive editor that enables you to change color, edit text font, size, spacing, change background, and manage layers. Once you finish your logo, you can instantly download it in high-quality PNG and JPG files, as well as a transparent PNG file, for totally free!


Well, friends! As you can see, there are several tools that can make your life easier when designing a good logo. It is not necessary to be a graphic designer, it only takes 5 minutes and a small dose of creativity. Now that you know the 25 best platforms to design a free logo, it is up to you to choose the one that best fits your needs or the one that is easier for you to use.





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Eva Birch
This is great list of resources, I wish I had come across this sooner!! I have just finished creating the logo for my very new business venture. I had very little budget but I knew the logo was key going forward in regards to pushing my business as a brand. I came across a free logo creator which was so easy to use and delivered exact what was in my logo specification almost instantly. I have had some great feedback too which is positive to hear especially as I am only just starting out on this venture. https://withoomph.com

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