In recent days, some brands and professionals have shared the famous “Live Photos” that are basically moving images. They are images with a cover that incites the user to leave the image pressed to access a video or motion content.

The reality is that they are content that encourages engagement and that help us share funny, curious or surprise messages for our online communities.

Through this article, I will teach you how to create your own live images and upload them to your Facebook timeline.

What you need to create your Live Photo

  • An Apple device (eg iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch that has iOS 9.0 or higher). This option is not available for Android users.
  • The photos or videos that you want the Live Photo to have.
  • The cover image to indicate to the people that they must leave pressed to see what is inside.
  • The intoLive application installed on your mobile device.

Steps to create your Live Photo and upload it on Facebook

  1. Go to the AppStore and look for the “intoLive” app.
  2. Download the app and open it.
  3. Go to the photo section and select the ones you want to appear in the live photo ( In case you want a video, go to the video section and select the one you want ). Remember that you can also upload a video of not more than 30 seconds.
  4. Select the speed you want the images to pass (eg slow, normal, fast).
  5. Make tap on the arrow at the top to continue editing the live photo.
  6. Then tap “Edit first frame” to change the cover image and place one that tells the user what to do.
  7. Select that we want to choose the photo from the photo reel.
  8. Make tap  “Save Live Photos”.
  9. Go to the Facebook app and select from which page we want to upload the content.
  10. Select the option to upload a photo and choose the live photo. If you want, you can add a description for the publication.
  11. Wait a few minutes for Facebook to process the image and prove it works correctly. Ready!

Advantages of Live Photos

  • It is a different and striking publication format.
  • Increase engagement with your community.
  • Increase the reach and conversions of your post.

Limitations of Live Photos

  • This content format is NOT available for Android devices
  • You can only publish a Live Photo through the Facebook mobile application. You can not upload the live photo from your computer.
  • A Live Photo will only be displayed in a mobile version, that is, if a user sees the publication from his computer, only the cover image will be displayed.
  • If you use a video you can not have a duration of more than 30 seconds.

Ideas to create Live Photos

Below, I share some ideas that you can use to create your Live Photos and impress your users.

  • Share news / event / important event
  • Offer a special discount that will be hidden
  • Show a before / after
  • Share curious facts about the brand
  • Ask a question and show the answer
  • Share tips / advice
  • Show exclusive products that will be released soon

Tips to create your Live Photos

  • Write a comment before publishing the Live Photo letting the user know that you can only see it from your mobile.
  • Use a cover image that clearly states what the user should do (eg, hold the image to discover …)
  • In case of using a video, it is preferable to record it in horizontal format instead of vertical.


Now it’s your turn to create your first Live Photo 🙂If you have any doubts leave us a comment😉


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