Creating a professionally designed logo is not a simple process. The design and graphical representation of a logo are the jobs of a professional graphic designer. Today we will see precisely the creative process behind the creation of a professional and effective logo design.

The logo is a key component of a brand, it adds to the company identity through the use of colors, symbols, characters, and allows you to differentiate it in the eyes of the consumer by its main competitors. Its importance lies in being able to convey the essence of your activities in a glance.

What makes an effective logo design?

To create an effective and memorable logo design so that it can be remembered by the user must follow some basic principles.

It must be:

  1. Simple
  2. Easy to remember
  3. Eternal
  4. Versatile
  5. Appropriate

Obviously, there are general rules. There are examples of famous logos that have contradicted one or more of these principles, but in order to overturn the rules must first know them!

Let’s look in more detail the features of an ideal impact logo:

1. Simple

Nike Logo Design
Nike Logo Design

The imperative is ” Keep it simple “. The simplicity makes it an easily recognizable logo, versatile and hard to forget, allows it to be unique without being full of unnecessary details. All that is “more” should be eliminated, avoiding the intricate details and complex, the colors used should be at least 3 should be avoided the colors too bright, neon or too dull, and the characters must be easy to read. Then, best not to use more than three different fonts, and remember that the logo should be aligned with the left, right, center, top or bottom margin.

Take a lesson from the logo Nike: a simple and minimal stylized wing (it is said to have cost only $ 35!) Has become one of the most recognized symbols in the world.

2. Easy to remember

A-STYLE Logo Design
A-STYLE Logo Design

It may be useful to use elements that have to do with the business to which it relates, or at least connected culturally. If the naming of the brand is easy to remember, this can be the logo. But the most important detail is to focus on an original design, if you want even provocative (as in the case of the clothing brand A-Style ), with a strong impact and a simple-yet-time-, which is imprinted in the mind and do not go more.

3. Eternal

Coca-cola Logo Design
Coca-cola Logo Design

Do not try to follow the latest trend, but aims to create something that keeps a sense even in 20 years. Good design, in fact, does not fear the passage of time, and logos such as the Coca-Cola are more relevant than ever.

4. Versatile

The logo should be designed in vector format so that they are scalable to any size. The vector graphics is a technique that is used to obtain images that can be enlarged or reduced in size without loss of detail and without the effect of “ginning”, for this you need to use programs like Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw. The logo must also be valid even in black and white version.oo rich in detail logo would be virtually unrecognizable; it is important to carefully manage the elements that make up so that it is clear, legible, identifiable in any situation and format.

A logo with too much detailing would be virtually unrecognizable. It is important to carefully manage the elements so that a logo design is clear, legible, identifiable in any situation and format.
And don’t forget the cost of printing: the more colors you use, the more expensive it will be for your business in the long term.

5. Appropriate

Toys Center Logo Design
Toys Center Logo Design

The logo should be appropriate to its potential audience. Lively and childish details Colors are perfect for a toy store, but they are certainly out of place in other contexts. The logo must be consistent with what is, however, careful not to fall into the opposite error: not necessarily the logo should explicitly show the activity of your company. The logo of Apple is not a computer, that the Mercedes is not a car and that of Lacoste is not a pole.

How to proceed to create a logo design?

1. Find inspiration

Start thinking about what the company does, what are the objectives, what is the target audience, and what you want to convey with the logo. It starts to outline the style you want to give to the logo, keeping in mind the 5 principles that we have just seen.

Are you looking for some more inspirations? There are many useful sites that can help you to open your mind to unleash the creativity in you:

Logo of the day is a site that rewards the best examples of logos from around the world.

Brands of the world ‘s largest collection of logos that can be downloaded in vector format.

Logomoose offers a selection of original and creative logos.

Logofaves is constantly striving to peer between the designer’s portfolio and then show the best logo designs.


2. Get a pen and paper

Do not start working immediately on your computer! Get a pen and paper and start making some sketch. When you’re totally convinced with your design then you can start working on your system. Don’t think of a single variant, creating numerous alternatives is easier to achieve the goal.

4. Scan the logo

The circles used by the designer in the design phase are not to convince you of some strange cosmic theory! They are simply used as a guide to creating a well-balanced logo, consistent with the curves and arcs between them. Even the Apple logo above was created with these criteria.

Which software to use for designing an effective logo? The main alternatives are:

  • Adobe Illustrator, one of the best software to create a logo. It allows drawing vector, allowing you to zoom out and zoom in the picture at will, without loss of quality. The only flaw: it is not very straightforward to use, but on the Internet, you will find many tutorials, even in Italian to learn to use it well.
  • Corel Draw is similar to Illustrator as characteristics, according to some is also more immediate, but it presents some problems for color management. In addition, there are fewer resources and courses to learn how to use it compared to rival Adobe.
  • Adobe Photoshop is certainly a very popular program, and much used even at the amateur level. Unlike earlier, however, it is not meant to draw in vector (this function also exists in the program but is very limited compared to previous software) and then you may have scalability problems.
  • Gimp has functions similar to Photoshop while being much less potent. You have however the advantage of being free, you can download it from the official website .

4. Choose the Right Font

A very important step concerns the choice of Font often to make an eye-catching logo is enough to choose the right font. Do not just use the fonts on your PC, but seek it new and original. On the Internet there are many sites that offer collections of fonts:


My Fonts

Fonts Shop


If you are looking for free fonts, remember that not all offer the user license for commercial use. Often the sites that allow you to download them for free collect fonts without reference to the license, which makes it unwise usage. To be safe go to:

Font Squirrel offers good quality free fonts, complete license, divided by type. There are also some interesting sections: the Most Downloaded, with the most downloaded user fonts; the added Newly, ie the newly added fonts.

The League of Moveable Type is a real movement born with the aim of gathering and distributing open-source fonts.

Remember not to use more than three different fonts for your logo!

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