InDesign is often used for graphic design. Don’t you have this program? No problem you can also work in Photoshop. In this tutorial, you learn how you mock your business card with the correct overflow.

Let’s start with the examination of some terms of the printing world. Are you familiar with the term “overflow “? The overprint of your print is, in short, the edge around your project that your drawing must overtake. It is necessary to provide an overflow. So you avoid either part of your project being cut or you have a white border around your print.

For the standard print, we advise you to provide a 3mm overlap.

Step 1 :

Create a new document first. For a standard 85mm x 55mm business card, you can set your document to a width of 91mm (this includes the 3mm overlap at each edge) and a height of 61mm (it is also with the 3mm overlap at each edge).

create a business card 1
create a business card 1

Step 2:

After creating your document in the desired format, we must indicate where the overflow is. Make sure your rulers are visible (ctrl + R).

Configure in mm

Right click on the ruler to convert the dimension to mm, normally the rulers are set in pixels.

Select view> new guide.

Select view> new guide.

Configure the overlap to 3mm horizontal and 3mm vertical.

Configure the overlap to 3mm horizontal and 3mm vertical.

Cutting line

So, your focus is well done and you see clearly or your visitor card will be cut off.

Step 3:

Finally, you export and save your file. Click File> Save. Give your file a name, eg “business card”.
Choose “Photoshop PDF” and click “Save”.

Select “joboptions” in the box at the top.

Now click “Save PDF”. The result is a file ready for printing that you can use without problems to place your order.


Look at it, it’s over! A fantastic business card with mega-effects is made in no time if you know the best way to proceed. The most important thing to keep in mind when you create your business card in Photoshop is that you mock your file correctly and that you start with the right setting. You save time and achieve the desired result more quickly. business cards

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