A few hours after your usual shampoo, you found that your hair is still greasy and you don’t know what product to use to avoid oily hair. Many people suffer from oily hair or scalp, whether due to hormonal factors, the type of hair or other internal and external factors. However, there are different natural treatments to treat greasy hair, as well as other alternatives that can be performed if the former doesn’t work.

To avoid oily hair, there are several tricks that can range from adapting hair care to changing your habits.

Firstly, there are some external causes to fatty or oily hair, such as the consumption of fried food or any other food that stimulates the sebaceous glands, it should be diminished to ingest these foods.

However, if the causes are different, the following treatments are recommended to treat oily hair, always taking into account that the person applying the treatment should be careful not to apply any ingredient to which you may be allergic:
  • Treatment with Horsetail dry leaves: To prepare this treatment, two dry horsetail leaves should be placed in a cup of boiling water, letting them stand for 15 minutes to become a paste. Then apply that paste formula after the shampoo when the hair is still wet.


  • Mint Tea Treatment: With a cup of boiling water, you should prepare an infusion with one or two sacks of mint tea. After letting it cool, add 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. Then apply to the hair by gently massaging the scalp.


  • Clay Treatment: This treatment is most effective if you apply one day a week. To prepare the mixture, warm water should be added slowly to 100 grams of kaolinite white clay. Mix well until a creamy or pasty consistency is obtained. Apply the mixture in the form of a firm massage and this should be performed immediately after preparation of the mixture because it can not be stored. After leaving it for 10 minutes, rinse with plenty of warm water until any trace of the clay is removed.

kaolinite white clay can be obtained in stores that sell artisan products.

  • Lemon Treatment: You should mix the juice of a lemon with a cup of warm water. Then it should be applied to the scalp with a gentle massage.


  • Aloe vera treatment: Aloe vera has the property of establishing a proper secretion of the sebaceous glands, so this treatment is very efficient to avoid oily hair. It is advisable to apply it 4 times each week. The mixture is made by liquefying two or three leaves of aloe vera once the pulp is separated. Then, it should be applied throughout the hair leaving the aloe for thirty minutes.

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  • Vinegar Treatment: For this treatment, two cups of water are needed, to which must be added a quarter cup of apple cider vinegar. Then massage the scalp gently after applying the mixture.


  • Alcohol Treatment: Add a spoonful of any alcoholic beverage that has high graduation, although it is recommended to use cognac or whiskey, to two cups of warm water. After mixing, it is added to the hair. Afterwards, rinse with plenty of water.


  • Mouthwash Treatment: Mouthwash is not only used to decrease bacteria in the mouth but also helps to fight the scalp. The treatment is obtained by diluting one part of mouthwash in 9 parts of warm water. Then, apply the entire scalp with a cotton ball filled with the mixture.

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