An athlete or a sportsman should be prepared physically and mentally to face any type of challenge besides enjoying healthy foods and a good diet as it will be very important for their health and performance.

Not only training is important for athletes, but healthy feeding is an important factor that plays a fundamental role in their physical and mental preparation: improves recovery, avoids muscle and bone erosion, prevents injuries and illnesses as well as delaying fatigue in the athlete himself.

8 healthy foods that are indispensable in every athlete’s diet:

#1. White meats:

For athletes, the most recommended meats are those whose fat content is low since the type of protein they provide is of high biological value and helps to recover muscle mass more quickly: rabbit, turkey, and chicken are some best healthy foods in athlete’s diet.

#2. Potato:

It has a satiating and very digestible effect with what is ideal so that the athlete does not feel bloated when exercising and at the same time it brings a lot of energy because of its high content of carbohydrates.

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#3. Honey:

Honey is one of the healthy foods for athletes as they get energy in a short time because their glycemic index is very high.

#4. Fruits and vegetables:

Indispensable in the diet of every athlete due to its high content of antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. They directly do not contribute energy but their participation in the metabolic reactions to obtain it. Banana, watermelon, and avocado are essential.

#5. Whitefish:

It is an ideal source of proteins of high biological value besides easy digestion for any athlete; in this way, the assimilation of nutrients by the organism is simpler: whiting, ray, cod or monkfish.

#6. Skimmed milk:

Skimmed yogurt, low-fat cheese, soy derivatives and skimmed milk. A fundamental source of proteins of high biological value such as vitamin D or calcium, vital if you want to lose weight and essential for good bone and muscle function.

#7. Eggs :

An egg is a very important food to keep the muscles strong and with a high protein content that will provide the necessary energy to the athlete. It fulfills a function of structural recuperator with what cannot be lacking in the diet.

#8. Whole grains:

They are the basis of the nutrition of the athletes since they are considered as the main source of energy, contributing a high amount of fiber that will help the athlete to regulate and detoxify the organism, leaving it in perfect conditions for the practice of any kind of sport.

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