If you are ready to start your business, and you really care for our Mother Earth, this is the time to be a part of growing community of ecological entrepreneurs existing today. Creating your own green business is the best decision you can make.

By doing so, not only your products or services will help your customers: you will also contribute to making the world better!

Maybe now you can not think of many ideas to start setting up a green business company. That’s why here I want to share 15 green business ideas and examples that, in addition, will be very profitable for you.

Some of these ventures need initial capital to start them. But most of these green businesses can be started hardly investing money, and from the comfort of your home.

15 profitable green business opportunities to take care of the planet


1. Collection of computer waste


The pieces that make up a computer or smartphone are very polluting for places where they are simply thrown in the ordinary trash.

But you can solve this by creating a computer waste collection company in the city where you live.

Open a place for people to take the appliances or the pieces they no longer use, or if you want to save the rent of the place, look for a small room or a store, and take there the objects that you collect of this type.

Then you only need to sell those parts to companies that recycle this computer waste to give them a new life by making other new appliances with them.

There are also universities and learning centers that buy them so that their students can learn how they work or how they are installed.

2. Organic food store


Every day, there are more people who refuse to take food full of chemicals and pesticides that are harmful to their health. They prefer to buy food with organic ingredients that are healthy to cook.

So if you’d like the food and sales market, starting an organic food store is a great option for you to be a part of a sustainable business.

The best thing about this business is that, in addition to taking care of the planet, you will be helping to support the farmers in your area by buying them organic products to sell in your store.

3. Organic garden


If instead of selling organic products for cooking, you prefer to be the one who produces those foods by creating your own organic garden!

Here you will need a good piece of land in which to plant your fruits and vegetables, and if you also decide to sell meats, have a good space in which to raise the animals so that they grow healthy naturally.

Remember that you can not use any type of non-organic product on them, such as pesticides or chemical substances, and for that reason, the process of growth and maturation will be slower.

So until this business gives you profits, it may take a few months; But the satisfaction of selling healthy products will be a great reward for you.

Once you have your food ready to sell, look for stores or even factories that want to buy them to create their products, and sell them wholesale.

Of course: remember that you must ask for the necessary health permits to pass an adequate quality control, and be able to sell them to the public.

4. Manufacture of biodegradable bags


The manufacture of ecological bags is a global trend that both supermarkets and companies that sell products that are not for food have been targeted.

Therefore, this business, besides being ecological, can also be very profitable for you.

Here one of the options you have is to make biodegradable bags.

These bags are made of bioplastic, a material that is extracted from natural raw materials such as cereals, potatoes, vegetable rubber, soybean oil …

Thanks to this, its decomposition is more ecological than normal plastic since the destruction process is done by microorganisms such as algae, fungi, or bacteria.

You can create bags of this type to carry the purchase in them and sell them to private customers, as well as to stores or markets where they offer them to their buyers.

The other option is to create cloth bags that are respectful to the environment, and where people can carry both their purchases and use them for example as a bag or for other things.

5. Sale of electric cars


This may be the green business for which you need more capital to start, but it is also true that it is one of the projects that generate the most income.

In many cities around the world, the issue of pollution is being taken very seriously.

And they are already creating laws that in a couple of years can only be used by vehicles that have hybrid engines (that run on gas and electricity at the same time) or electric ones.

That is the reason why the sale of hybrid and electric cars has increased so much in these last two years.

So take the opportunity, and set up a concessionaire in your city where you sell cars of this type of different brands that offer models with this type of engines such as Toyota or Tesla.

If you do not have all the necessary capital to do it, but you like this venture, you can start with a small station so that electric cars can refuel by charging their engines with electricity.

6. Environmental consulting


This is a service that you can offer mostly to companies, and that is that you analyze and give them as much data as possible about the pollution they produce with their activities.

Many companies need this type of consulting because they want to become more “green” both to give a better image to society and to avoid sanctions by governments for violating environmental regulations.

Here you can start without investing anything, accommodating a room in your house that you do not use (and where nobody can bother you) to turn it into your office, and receiving your customers there.

It is also a good green business idea to make a web page for your company, because that way you will get to know more customers, and you will have more chances of being hired.

7. Sale of organic products

In this sector, there are plenty of organic products that you can sell: from handmade soaps, shampoos, notebooks made with recycled paper, meals with organic ingredients, furniture, clothing accessories.

You can create these objects yourself if you are good at the crafts, or buy them from companies or artists who are dedicated to making this type of product.

If you do not have much capital, you can start by creating an online store where your customers place their orders and send them by mail.

8. Sale of recycled products


There are many things that can be created from recycled materials: furniture, necklaces, bracelets, decorative objects such as lamps.

If you are good at crafts, and you are passionate about the world of recycling, here is an organic business that is ideal for you.

You can also buy products made with recycled objects to artists who are environmentally conscious, and then sell them through your online store or a physical store.

9. Sale of organic beauty products

organic beauty products

Selling organic beauty product is one of the best examples of green business. You can create a profitable venture is the world of ecological beauty.

The public in this sector are mostly women who are concerned about using personal care products with too many harmful chemicals or having allergies to different ingredients that are not natural.

Here you can take two directions: make the products yourself with ecological materials, or buy them from companies or people who are dedicated to making them themselves.

Then you can sell them through your online store, from a physical store that you put on a street, or distribute them to stores and herbalists where they sell these items.

10. Reuse of ink cartridges

When the ink of our printer is finished, the usual thing is that we throw the old cartridges, and buy new ones. The problem is that this creates waste that is very polluting.

And this is where you come in to help the environment: create a business where you sell ink cartridges that can be refilled again and again so they do not get thrown away.

This will make your customers save a lot of money because they will not have to buy the complete cartridge every time they run out, and they will prefer to buy them from you, making you generate good income with it.

You can also talk to large companies to provide this service in their offices, and thus double your earnings.

11. Bicycle business


Bicycles are one of the cleanest, environmentally sustainable business practices and considered as the best means of transport to help the environment.

Many people are using them more and more to go to work or to move around the cities where they live without polluting.

Therefore, this is a good time to start this type of green business if you know a little about this market.

12. Ecological Dry cleaning and Laundry

With the increasingly long work schedules, few people have time to wash, iron or fix their clothes at home. That is the reason why dry cleaners have more and more customers.

A good solution that respects the environment is to start a dry cleaning and laundry where you use machinery that minimizes the use of water and biodegradable detergents.

It is also a good idea that these machines have a low consumption of electricity; That way you’ll save money, and your business will be completely eco-friendly.

13. Organic cleaning products

Although in the market there are cleaning products that claim to be respectful with the environment, the truth is that they contain several ingredients that are still harmful to nature.

You can create a real alternative to these items by manufacturing detergents and cleansers that are truly eco-friendly.

You can use, for example, ingredients such as essential oils, lemon, white vinegar, coconut oil, etc.

Once created, you can market them in your online store, or sell them to companies or stores that offer these products to their customers.

14. Electric taxi service

Another great green business is to create your own electric taxi service and help in stopping the air pollution.  

You can start by buying an electric car – if you do not have one already – and offer your services to take people through platforms like Uber.

Or, if you have more capital to invest, buy some cars of this type to form your own fleet of taxis.

15. Rainwater collection system

A good idea of green business is to design a rainwater collection system for houses and buildings with which its inhabitants can have a non-potable water tank so as not to waste clean water.

This water collected from the rain can be used for tasks such as watering plants or filling toilets in bathrooms.

You can create a system like the one you see in the image below, patent it, and install it in the homes of the customers that ask for it.

Which of these green businesses would you build? Leave me a comment below and tell me what you think!

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