Google News: make it the keystone of your SEO strategy!

Do you know Google News, the news aggregator made in Google? Here’s why you need to put it at the heart of your SEO strategy.

The news aggregation service launched by the Mountain View firm in 2002 is enjoying growing popularity and is likely to become a leading source of information for much of population. Do you still doubt the interest of fighting to be part of the adventure? Here’s why you need to make Google News the cornerstone of your SEO strategy.

Google News: a success that continues unabated

Launched in 2002, Google News is a service that automatically aggregates news articles from websites around the world, sorted by various relevance criteria. Concretely, it allows billions of Internet users around the globe to put their finger on relevant content.

What usefulness, will you ask? To answer this question, we must look at the world of information as it exists today. News organizations have multiplied, especially since the development of the Web. In France alone, there are 22 national newspapers and more than 50 regional titles – only if you consider daily newspapers! – who have, for the most part, a dedicated website. To this must be added all the weekly and monthly magazines (also extended by a website), plus five news channels (four in television, one in radio) and a hard to estimate an amount of digital newspapers and dedicated blogs. to information. Because it’s impossible to sort through all these data yourself, Google News is an indispensable tool to find the most interesting needles in this vast haystack.

And it works: the service gathers around 50,000 sources in 22 countries and generates up to 6 billion clicks to these different sources. The question is how can such numbers be possible?

Search engines more reliable than conventional media?

It is important to have in mind a reality: the sources of information of Internet users have evolved. The Web has helped open the horizons of citizens around the world by offering them unlimited access to data from anywhere, in real time. In some situations, applications and other software have successfully substituted for traditional modes of communication (we remember the place taken by social networks in the “Arab revolutions” of 2011).

This is probably what explains the results of a survey conducted by Edelman in 2015: 74% of respondents (often young people) trust Google more than traditional media when it comes to informing themselves. 31% of them use search engines as the number one news source, in front of a television (22%) and paper newspapers (21%). In fact, search engines have become a more reliable source than conventional channels.

This evolution can be explained in two ways:

  • On the one hand, Google News is a quick and easy way to access current news;
  • On the other hand, the display criteria are so strict that users naturally tend to trust this service: if a newspaper appears there, it is quite serious.

We see it: Google News plays a crucial role in the way citizens have information and in the confidence they attribute to content selected for them.

Google News must become the centerpiece of your SEO strategy

Do you begin to see why it’s essential to make Google News the cornerstone of your SEO? As an information site, you will benefit from the benefits of this service for at least three reasons:

1) More visibility. This is the nerve of the war of any self-respecting SEO strategy: to be visible at the top of the SERPs, to get ahead of the competition and to put your name in the minds. This is all the more important, according to a Google study, the Google News service aggregates nearly 1 billion Internet users … every week! (When we know that these figures are from 2014, we can only imagine the leap forward that had to know the volume of users.) In short, today, being on Google News is the promise to enjoy high visibility.

Last June, Google unveiled the new design of its service, including a customizable section, intended to display content that corresponds to the interests of the user; as well as a box offering access to fast-checked content in order to hunt for fake news. So many new features that should further increase the popularity of the service and allow websites to be more and more present in the news feed of their target readers.

2) More notoriety. Let’s dare a syllogism: all the sites whose contents appear on Google News see their notoriety grow; your content appears in the results of this service; so your notoriety is boosted. And yes: Internet users know that the conditions of access to the service are drastic and demanding so that only serious information platforms are allowed – as a sort of private club reserved for news providers. As a result, they tend to trust websites that they can read through, which, in turn, gives more weight to the reputation of the sites in question, which in turn win positions in favor of the sites. of their popularity, etc.

3) More SEO optimization. Last advantage of Google News, and not the least: by working on your SEO to gain seats on the service, you optimize your pages passage for their positioning in the general results of Google. Indeed, the SEO criteria of the search engine for its News part overlap those of conventional SEO, so that the work provided for one reflects on the other.

Add to these arguments that the click rate on a Google News link can be up to 20% of the overall rate (without having to go through sponsored links, these do not exist on Google News), and you’ll understand the interest in making this service the keystone of your SEO!

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