If you have days (or years) looking for business opportunities; But you have not achieved anything worthwhile, I do not blame you.

Success in business is a matter of smell. That is why few succeed. Your instinct also influences you to get business opportunities.

But it is your ability to solve problems that will give you the key to make your dreams come true.

If you want to get a unique business opportunity, you should stop having only one way to solve problems.

Those who really dominate business and get opportunities everywhere are those who think differently and give solutions in an original, remarkable way.

Elon Musk and the Electric Cars

There is a very interesting example that explains the problem:

Why are electric car motors so expensive? It is difficult to get its components and inaccessible prices. If you go into the market, you would say that to make one of those engines, you would need these expensive materials.

But what if a person can get other materials that are better, more efficient and much cheaper to make electric motors for cars?

You can imagine it. There is a business opportunity there, and there the problem will be solved more efficiently.

8 years after leaving the executive management of PayPal, Elon Musk was talking about exactly this topic, in an interview with the media.

Regarded as the real-life Tony Stark, Elon Musk is currently one of the most brilliant minds in business worldwide.

It is no coincidence. The entrepreneur who is investing in Space Travel for everyone, Electric Cars, and Solar Energy, has something that stands out against others.

It is not only the charisma that she expresses, nor her various investment ideas, nor even that she can see a business opportunity when no one else sees her.

His great advantage is that since he grew up his intelligence and problem-solving in a different way.

If Mr. Musk had scheduled a video game at age 12 and sold it for $ 3,000, what could be left for you?

Surely you will. Elon Musk was a super gifted child. But the truth is not that.

While you were on the street playing ball or wrists, Elon found himself reading comics, thinking, reading books, studying microchips and programming languages.

Others take more time to realize that there are business opportunities where we least imagine.

But Elon Musk has been able to see business opportunities with Tesla Motors and electric motors, thanks to the way he thinks.

Do not be discouraged if you think you’re running out of time.

Business opportunities are in front of your eyes

At Peep the world, we have analyzed hundreds of business ideas, And we have seen that almost anything can be profitable. From internet plumbing services to selling crafts.

If you are starting today in the world of entrepreneurship, you must keep in mind that to be successful, you must take the first step.

You must leave your comfort zone and start making decisions.

Surely you have heard. ” You can not get different results if you keep doing the same thing .”

This phrase said by Albert Einstein proves it. If you want different results, change the way you solve your problems.

Although you believe that getting a business opportunity is a risk; You have the duty to take on new challenges.

You must be a lion when it comes to a business opportunity.

If you learn to solve your problems in another way; You will discover new ways of seeing the world.

This is why you need to make decisions today and leave your comfort zone.

Even so, you will not have everything covered if you do not follow the next advice.

Change the way you think to get business opportunities

In a book I read recently, where the mathematician Richard Feynman recounts his autobiography, the scientist commented that when he was in physics classes at school, he talked a lot.

One day, the physics professor, tired of this, confronted him and gave him a Calculus book that would change his life completely. The teacher invited him to read it completely. He knew Feynman had a knack for numbers.

After finishing the course, and years later at the university, Feynman realized that he had acquired a unique skill to solve problems thanks to his teacher’s book.

With this book, he was able to learn other methods that did not teach in college and university. He could find another way to solve mathematical problems.

Although it does not seem, this alternative way of thinking, a different “Mental Model”, won him opportunities of all kinds.

How to make business opportunities not a problem

You may not know what a mental model is. But Mind Models are everywhere, all humans think with mental models.

To put it in simple words, a Mental Model is an explanation of how things work.

Feynman explains that thanks to his teacher’s calculus book, he learned other “Mental Models” and was able to tackle college differently.

Certainly, Feynman and Musk, each in their own style, have been able to have unusual, privileged Mind Models, allowing their work to be impressive in their area.

But there is something you must keep in mind. If you feel that you can not get a business opportunity to help you evolve, it is because you keep thinking the same way. The mental model you use does not meet expectations.

But not all is lost.

It does not matter if you do not have experience and you have little knowledge. There is a great secret that will help you to get business opportunities when you need it.

Learning new mental models, and changing the way you deal with problems.

By this, it assumes that you are different and that the opportunities of business that you have can be successful; As long as you are willing to do it better than others.

You have to be 3 steps in front of your opponent, the system. And win the chess game where the fittest survive. You will achieve this by thinking differently.


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