Having the right tool to lend a hand in your work on social networks is not easy. You need to try many until you find the one that really works for you. The problem increases even more if you have a limited budget. Then the search becomes more complicated.

That’s why I set out to select you the 25 free tools that will help you to improve your social results and managing your social networking profiles.

Listen to social networks

Section designed so that you are well alert on topics that have to do with your profile of social networks that you are managing.

1. Reach

I love the simple performance of Tweet reach. In the home directly you put a term that you want to track on Twitter, you connect with your profile and you already have a huge amount of information about that term, especially the tweets that are currently talking about that term.

It has interesting reports that you can send to the email but you must register to be given that option. I recommend that you do not put a very general term, rather concrete because otherwise you can get information that serves you nothing.

2. Social mention

Tool known among community managers. In Social mention you put a concept in your search engine and it gives you a summary of all the information from websites to which social networks are the most talked about.

One point that I find interesting about this tool is what it calls as sentiment where it makes you a differentiation of the messages through categories according to the user’s reaction. It is not 100% reliable, because when you have doubts you put it as ‘neutral’, but it can be a good reference to see negative or positive messages about that topic.

3. Twazzup

Ideal for tracking terms, although this time specialized in Twitter. Simplicity is one of its virtues. In Twazzup you put a concept, you enter your Twitter account and you will have a lot of information about something in particular.

How is it different from the others? You see in real time what is happening. Besides this search, you can shorten it according to influencers and other categories that interest you so you have more targeted information. I recommend again to narrow down the search because otherwise you will get information from all of Twitter and you can waste a lot of time between so much data.

4. HowSociable

If you need many references to monitor terms or profiles this is your tool. The first thing to do in HowSociable is that you sign up for the free account because it does not give you the 12 metrics you have. Like the others, it is very simple. You put the words down and give you a list of what you need about that term.

What can it do for you? More information about the term in question, who talks about it, etc so that you already have a good vision. That’s what I usually do, with this tool and the others about monitoring terms you know with free tools or freemium much useful information for your work in social networks.

5. Addictomatic

One of the simplest applications in the list, but no less effective. Thanks to your search engine you get the latest updates on a topic in different social networks, blogs, etc.

For that utility, you can get an idea that the best option to use Addictomatic is to know what is said of a topic. I use it for example to search for topics that want to know more about a topic that maybe it was talked about at that time in social networks and I caught on ‘offside’.

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Analytical Tools

Raising goals and knowing if you are approaching is the basis of good work in social networks. And for that, you can not miss good tools to know everything.

6. Audiense

This tool was formerly known as Socialbro. It has a free version that offers many possibilities. Audiense will serve you to have a good dashboard about your community on both Twitter and Instagram, which is now in beta but looks very good.

The free account limits you to one of the social networks. For example to know the best time for Twitter seems to be a mandatory tool because it offers you the ideal fringe and when more people in your community can see it. Highly recommend.

7. Cyfe

It was a great find I made a few months ago and I’m sure you will love it. Through Cyfe you have a dashboard in which you are adding different widgets where each of them can be from your social networking profiles up to eg your Google Adwords account or your blog information.

Setting it does not have much mystery, although some options in the free version do not have it. I use it to have a small summary of various profiles of social networks especially to know their evolution and at a glance and to be clear how everything is evolving, according to the objectives that the client has raised.

8. ViralWoot

This tool is designed for Pinterest and gives you a lot of information about your activity in this social network. The free version is designed to give you data such as new followers, the pins you have achieved, etc.

When I discovered ViralWoot a few months ago I really liked being specialized in Pinterest because it gives you specific data and it is difficult to find. For an average user who needs more data, I recommend going to the paid version.

9. Keyhole

When you want to know more about a hashtag because you want to see if it is having repercussion, then I recommend you use this tool. In the search engine of Keyhole you put the concept and details everything about the term on both Twitter and Instagram. If you want to save the searches then you will have to register in the free plan.

I have already advanced a bit for what I usually use. When I want to know if you are talking about a very specific term, for example, social networks and I need to know for example who are the most influential who talk about it, then Keyhole is your tool.

10. Iconosquare

It is a complete tool to manage Instagram and with which you can manage your profile without much complication. Within the free version of Iconosquare there are enough extensions that can serve to improve your management of your Instagram account considerably and thereby increase your number of followers.

I also recommend this tool because it sends you daily reports quite interesting about your activity on Instagram. Also you have quite good payment plans that maybe for 14 dollars you have more features that you need.

Profile Management

Saving time and managing the profiles of different social networks are the two objectives that meet these tools in this category.

11. Hootsuite

The crown jewel of dedicated social networking tools that has free versions that come out. I use Hootsuite to monitor for example Twitter or Facebook. How it works by columns a recommendation that I give you is to put some keyword that defines your business and that you continually have that updated part in case you can contribute something to a future client, some doubt of somebody or if there is some controversy in the sector.

The free version offers you almost all possibilities. There are extras like adding team members to your account or managing more than 3 social networking profiles so you’ll have to switch to the paid version already. In case you want to focus on a pair of profiles is perfect to be well aware. The management of Instagram is not that it is a big thing.

12. Grabinbox

A good alternative to Hootsuite. I also use it to manage Twitter profiles because in a very simple way you can organize different tweets and also use it to take pages from different companies.

What I like the most is that Grabinbox is very simple. But of course, there is also the defect. It does not give you a lot of analytic data on interactions with publications, etc. But if you have a tool that complements that aspect, it is a good way to manage profiles that do not require much work.

13. TweetDeck

This tool is one of the crown jewels in my list of free tools for social networks. I discovered it a few years ago and since then with the free version I manage Twitter profiles. Your organization is similar to Hootsuite as you also add columns depending on what you want: monitor a term, your tweets, etc.

I recommend that you use TweetDeck to manage for example your Twitter person account. The application for mobile could improve a little, especially for certain phones that goes to pedals, but it is one of those free tools that you must try. One trick is to organize the columns by lists and terms to have a good dashboard on for example what speaks of the sector.

14. Buffer

Another of the crown jewels within the world of social networking tools. In Buffer you can program to publish in two profiles in social networks in a very simple way and with a couple of clicks, which makes it one of the online applications that any community manager has to use it.

Surely you will see a lot of utility to automate updates on Twitter and if for example you have another account associated put that tweet for another time. Thus the message can have more impacts.

15. Manageflitter

Specialized tool for Twitter and with a rather interesting free version. It will help you for example to program posts, to see statistics about your community and to make searches more intelligent than with the searcher of the own social network.

I usually use Manageflitter to program multiple tweets because it has such a simple operation that in half an hour you have already organized all week with more than 3 tweets daily. You will save enough time and as you change the dates you are telling the best time to tweet.

To manage content

Content is an important part of your daily work with social networks and to offer the best of the best to have more engagement, so it’s essential to use tools to heal content and give you a hand.

16. Dropbox

It is not a tool that is focused for social networks, but it is of great help to organize all your content. If you do not know Dropbox, you’re delaying because it offers you plenty of free space in the cloud to hold files.

What can it do for you? I who walk from one side to another and work with different computers serves me to have hung everything that has to do with the profiles I manage, from Excel with the latest data to the texts with the next tweets. Besides that if you work with clients you can share a folder with all the information so that you can see the evolution of the campaigns.

17. Canva

Canva is another of the well-known tools that you must include in your day to day life. The main reason is the ease with which you can make images with visual potential and very interesting elements without having to be an expert. Also if it was not enough it is totally free except some aspects or photos of your bank of images.

It is my reference tool when editing, for example, the ads on Facebook or work some photography that wants to include some extra. It also has templates that have saved me more than a day of updating profiles of some of my clients. In short, add it to favorites today.

18. Evernote (Chrome extension)

Another tool that was not designed to manage social networks but it will save you a lot of time. Evernote will save you notes of all kinds, from posts you write in draft to ideas you see online and then you want to remember.

I use it quite as a store of contents. If you manage several profiles of social networks, different topics and also you must be to the last in the topic you must go gathering everything in one place. And with the extension, you have for Google Chrome search with a single click you save what you want and period.

19. Buzzfeed

Updating your social networking profiles every day is not easy. For that have been born tools like Buzzfeed where you have all kinds of content of the most varied and for all tastes. It is differentiated in different categories and also in the search engine, you find some ‘jewels’ for example having a day with more interaction in your community.

20. Piktochart

A tool that you should also add to favorites. Piktochart is designed so that you can make different types of graphics, infographics and presentations in a professional way. Also, the free version offers you many options that allow you to do a good job.

It has enough free templates and the desktop to edit everything is quite simple to work with.

In search of influencers

Being aware of who are the most influential in your sector is ideal to campaign with them or even get their attention.

21. Klout

I like to call it the thermometer of your brand’s engagement in social networks. Its operation is quite simple. You give up and you add your profiles so that you can calculate the index they have, that is, it gives you a score on how present you are as a brand among your followers.

My recommendation is that you use Klout on one side to see the statistics that I tell you and on the other to see aspects as important as knowing when to send a message as it gives you many parameters that are very interesting to make your work more productive.

22. Kred

It is the competition of Klout. I discovered it recently because of a recommendation from a colleague. I’ve used it to add more data and have a much more complete dashboard with all the information about the same profile.

In addition you can also use it to see the impact of influencers among its followers. Kred can be a good complement to the information that Klout gives you, so you can get an idea of what the profiles are, for example, to make a campaign of collaboration with the brand.

23. Commun.it

This tool is focused exclusively for Twitter. The soil used to monitor for example accounts that have a large community, since you can configure everything so that you get reports from time to time about certain aspects, keywords, interactions, etc.

Commun.it is free but has the defect that you can only use it with the social network of the bird so it limits your work a lot. Recommended for occasional work with a customer who has a special promotion with a Twitter account.

24. Klear

If your company is looking for influencers to promote your products or maybe you have to find relevant people within a sector, then do not hesitate to use Klear. It is a payment tool, but it has a number of features of the application that are free so that you can benefit from its potential.

Not only can it serve you to look for the most influential and then try to promote your products. Thanks to Klear you can work the interaction with some of them to try to collaborate, interact or have a meeting with someone you see that has a strong presence in the sector and also every tuit, post or update has a lot of engagement.

25. Followerwonk

When analyzing your profile begins with Followerwonk . Just putting the name of your profile gives you a lot of information about everything related to your activity, your community, etc. You will need a while to see all the data you are given.

I recommend that you do not get lost with so much data and that with each of them you see the utility it has for you. I usually use it to analyze customer accounts before starting to work.

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