The second most used search engine in the world, after Google is YouTube.


Surely not, YouTube is a platform where we find videos of all kinds and it does not stop growing. Videos about tutorials, documentaries, video clips, recipes, videos of famous YouTubers and Vloggers.

How can you download YouTube videos that interest you a lot? In this article, you are going to find the software, extensions, apps that I’ve tried to download Youtube videos online for free.

First of all, you think that if you download Youtube videos you must do it with responsibility, for a personal and non-commercial use. Make responsible use of these tools offered by the Internet.

Here are the 20 ways to download Youtube videos online

This website allows you to download a YouTube video quickly just by entering the URL. It will let you download it in different formats, but it does not give you different quality options.

You can get the video in mp4, mov, flv, wmv … It also lets you download just the audio from Youtube, in mp3 format and more.

On this page, it is very easy to download a video from Youtube. Just paste the URL and choose if you want the audio (mp3) or video (mp4). It does not give the option to choose more qualities, except the option ‘HD’ as long as the video uploaded to Youtube is in high-quality resolution.

Although it is very simple has enough publicity, so be careful do not click where you should not.

This other option is similar to the previous ones and also allows the download of Youtube videos, as well as only the audios of those videos.

Enter the URL of the video, click on Download and get your download link. Then choose if you want the video or just the audio in mp3.

Also very simple to use. Above all, you have a bar where you must enter the URL of the YouTube video that you want to download and then download the mp4 or audio in mp3.

I recommend that you stick to the top bar as there is enough contextual advertising that can take you to other pages.

This page is great both to download Youtube videos and to download audio from the Youtube video that you want. Enter the URL of the video and choose the format you want for the video (mp4, flv, avi, 3gp, mp4 in HD, etc) or for audio in mp3 and other formats.

  • ClipConverter, an excellent option to download videos from Youtube

This famous file converter also serves to download videos and audios directly from Youtube. Entering the URL of the video gives you the options of formats for video and audio, in addition to the quality to which you want to download it, as long as the video has several qualities.

ClipConverter does not have excessive publicity and is quite easy to use. Downloading Youtube videos has never been so easy!

Put the video link in the bar, press ‘Enter’ and wait for a window to appear, now choose if you want to download the video from Youtube or if you want the audio.

The moment you click on ‘Download’, after a few seconds the download begins.

This web allows you to download Youtube videos after doing a little trick. When you put the URL you will see a big green button on the right that says that you download an application, but it is not necessary.

A little below are some words in blue that say “download videos with the browser”. Well, click there and it will give you to choose the quality of the video or even if you want to download only the audio.

Another trick of Saveform is that if you are on Youtube watching a video you do not need to open a new tab in your browser with SaveFrom. Making a change in the URL of the YouTube video you can go directly to download it in SaveFrom.

Yout is a very intuitive page with which you can download Youtube videos and videos in very few steps. Enter the URL or the keyword from which you want to find videos, choose the quality to download and go. Very easy!

This page cannot be simpler, although it has some intrusive advertising. Put the link of the video you want to download and choose if you want the audio or video and ready, in a few seconds the download will start.

This is one of the easiest websites to use to download Youtube videos. You can do this only by including the URL of the video you want to download and ready. It gives you to choose the quality of the video, yes, if the video is in 1080 and you want this version you have to become a premium account. For the rest, you can do it all for free. In addition to downloading the YouTube video, you can download the audios and even the subtitles.

Keepvideo not only has this web, also has a program for Windows or Mac, an extension for Chorme, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Edge … and mobile app.

4 Extensions to download videos and audio from Youtube

  • Video Downloader Helper

This Firefox extension is one of the most used and complete to download videos from Youtube and any other place like Facebook, Vimeo, UStream …

The button that is enabled when you install the extension is all you need to download the video you need.

It’s the one I have installed in Firefox and it works great. When you install it you will see that when you browse through any Youtube video you will see the option, by means of a green button to download the video in any of the available formats and qualities.

Very similar to the previous one. This extension allows you to download videos and audios from YouTube in a very simple way. After installing it in your browser, a button will appear below each video to choose the format and quality of the download.

It works the same as the previous two. When you install it appears a button just below the videos, which allows you to download the video from Youtube or audio, whichever you prefer. Choose the format like flv, 3gp, mp4 and the available qualities.

6 Programs to download audio and video from YouTube on PC and Mac

This program is available for both MAC Os and Windows and allows you to download any video or audio from YouTube regardless of the quality.

Here’s the article on How to install 4K Video Downloader on Linux

It is one of the most used programs to download audio and videos from YouTube. It is available for Windows and in addition to YouTube you can download videos also from sites like Dailymotion.

You can extract these videos in mp3, mp4, flv, mov, wmv, 3gp and many more formats.

This program is available for Windows, Mac and Linux and allows you to download any video and convert it to the format you need s like mp4 or avi. It is completely free.

Download the trial version of this program in both MAC and Windows. You can choose the quality of the video, the format or even if you just want the audio in mp3. You also have the option to download entire playlist of Youtube and have several active downloads at the same time.

This program is one of the most used. With it you can download Youtube videos very easily in the format you want like Mp4, Avi, Mkv, flv, 3gp … You can have several simultaneous downloads and also gives the option to just download the mp3 audio from the Youtube video you want.

In addition to Youtube, you leave other options like Facebook, Vimeo, Flickr and many other websites.

If you want to download Youtube videos from your PC this is a good program to do it. You can also download videos from other websites and social networks like Facebook. It is very simple and has a free version of the software. If you’re going to use it a lot you might want to switch to the paid version.


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