2017 is over and it’s time to start wondering about some of the best digital marketing trends 2018, with some tips and tricks to succeed in your business at the start of this new year.

As technology and search engines change, so must the strategies of marketing managers to build loyalty to their customers and readers. If you are not up to the latest in content marketing news, your brand will be ignored and will be seen as flat and simple.

That’s why we have selected some latest digital marketing strategies so that you do not have to waste time looking for what your competitors are doing.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, “content marketing is a marketing strategy focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content that attracts and retains a clear and defined audience. And, ultimately, leading to a customer action that gives benefits.

The main digital marketing trend that seems clear is the shift of content marketing towards video.

So, what top marketing trends should I pay attention to in 2018?

1. Video | Digital Marketing Trends 2018

If you have been avoiding launching yourself into the creation of videos, now is the time. It was expected that the growth of the video in 2017 was tremendous, and it has been, so it is expected that it will not decrease in the future. Some sources such as HubSpot point out that video is a growing priority, with 48% of marketers adding a Youtube plan (48%) and a Facebook plan (46%) to their strategies.

There are no more excuses to skip video editing since you do not need a great team or expensive media. All you need is a smartphone, a mobile tripod and a social media account to post your videos.

What seems clear is that the strategies that have given very satisfactory results have been those that have focused their efforts on the video, and even more those that have done so with the live video, which has reported an engagement 178% greater than a normal publication.

2. Social Media | Digital Marketing Trends 2018

Social Media is not dead, but you must diversify. You could have read about the recent decline in organic searches through Facebook, which makes it clear that as long as you use the third part in your content strategy, you will be at the mercy of those platforms changing their rules. You should never pour your full potential into a social network.

In relation, you should experience more indirect connections with your audience via email, subscription or in-person events. These last two points will only be used in specific niches, but emails can work well with any brand. Or what is the same, worry about growing your list of emails and contacts, and take care of it by giving it value.

In 2018, content marketing will revolve around the idea of creating interesting content for our public that makes them loyal. Stop talking about your brand, and start creating content that people want to read, see or hear. Look at what big brands do: Apple has decided to spend $ 1 billion to produce original content – movies, series – for its streaming platform. Pepsi has opened a new content creation studio in New York with the aim of generating profits and creating vehicles to publicize its products.

Post sponsored and traditional ads are no longer as effective as they once were. If you are not focusing your goals on creating useful and interesting content in 2018, your efforts will be in vain.

3. The Future | Digital Marketing Trends 2018

In short, content marketing has come to stay. You can not afford to turn your back on this new year. In fact, 2018 is the best year to invest in content marketing. Why? Because not all companies have yet launched to discover it, and that can be an advantage for those firms without so many budgets but with great originality and personality.

The time has come to stop wondering how content marketing can give us more sales and start wondering how content can help our audience. Only in this way will we be able to be a credible firm with a true vocation for the satisfaction of our clients.

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