In this article, you will find the world’s most compelling city logos with bold and beautiful designs. 

But…before that, let’s discuss the term PLACE BRANDING.

Place branding is a term that describes the process of bestowing a personality, image, characteristics, and qualities of a city or region to position it in a specific way in the mind of its target audience.

The goal of place branding is usually to renew the image of that area to achieve financial, cultural and social success. It seeks to increase tourism and the number of residents in the city, attract companies to settle in the area and promote social activities and programs.

That is why the target audience of the place branding is of the most varied: residents, businesses, large corporations, tourists and organizers of events and conventions.

The goal of place branding is to renew the image of a city, region or country

Amsterdam City Logos

In 2014 Amsterdam slightly modified its logo displacing the name of the city to the second line. The agency in charge was Thonik, who also unified the image of Amsterdam by creating a unique city logo (previously there was a system of logos that had more than 40 applications).


The I amsterdam campaign also emerged in 2014, when the city proved that its position as the main point for tourists and conventions had fallen after competition from other European cities.

I amsterdam is both a motto and a brand for residents and for the city.



Belfast City Logos

The Belfast brand was created in 2008. The aim was to promote the city as a vibrant and optimistic place to live, work and invest, changing the public’s perceptions.

belfast logo

The logo is a capital B with the name of the city, Belfast, written vertically. In addition, the mark is accompanied by messages that include the word be, as be vibrant, be inpired, or be welcome.


Berlin City Logos

Berlin has a very simple icon in which appears the door of Brandenburg. In its tourism website, the logo appears accompanied by the word visit to receive the tourists in the city.

Be Berlin’s campaign was born in 2008 when a survey revealed that foreigners did not consider Berlin an attractive city to live or work with.


Cape Town Logos

The Cape Town logo was designed by Yellowwood and King James agencies in 2014. The goal was to represent the mentality of a forward-looking city. For this, they used one of the most recognized icons of the city: Table Mountain. The silhouette of the mountain became the base of the logo, united and repeated several times to form a circle. The bright colors seek to capture the energy of the city.


Mexico City Logos

In 2016 Mexico DF legally changed its name to eliminate the denomination of Federal District and to happen to be called the City of Mexico. The brand is formed by the initials CDMX, with the first two letters in black and the rest in magenta.


Stockholm City Logos

The city of Stockholm launched a new and unified image in 2014. The logo is formed by the image of St: Erik, patron of Stockholm, and the name of the city written in Stockholm typography. The agency in charge of the renovation was Essen International.


Las Vegas City Logos

The Las Vegas case is special because there are various ideas and concepts around the city.

The best-known of Las Vegas image is the famous poster of Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas, an icon created in 1959 by Betty Willis and Ted Rogich for Clark County, Nevada.


However, this is not the official city logo, which was created by Pink Kitty Creative in early 2017. According to Victoria Hart, President, and CEO of Pink Kitty Creative, this logo was created following what locals think of the city: a place with good climate, surrounded by mountains, for hiking in the desert, with museums, local art, and a large community.


And there’s also the famous What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas slogan created by the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority. This is one of the best-known slogans of modern tourism, being one of the most recognized advertising campaigns of any industry. The campaign was launched in 2003 and was conducted by R & R Partners.

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Melbourne City Logos

Melbourne launched its new image in 2009, representing a dynamic and progressive city. The logo has a series of adaptations of different shapes and colors, offering great potential for sub-brands (as with Belfast).

New York City Logos

I love NY is probably one of the most recognized brands in the world. It works at the same time as slogan, logo, and song. This image has been used to promote tourism in the state and city of New York since 1977. The agency in charge of the campaign was Wells Rich Greene and the graphic designer was Milton Glaser.


Paris City Logos

In 2016 the Office of Tourism and Congresses of Paris created a new identity for the city. The minimalist logo remembers the profile of the city, and the drawing of the letter A directly evokes the Eiffel Tower. The agency in charge of the new identity was Graphéine.


And if we talk about slogans, Paris adds two: The City of love and the City of light. The name of the City of Light has two possible origins: the fact that Paris was the capital of the Enlightenment during the eighteenth century, or was one of the first European cities to adopt a public lighting with gas lamps in 1860. There is no clear origin as to where the qualification of the City of Love arises, but it seems that popular culture has promoted its propagation through movies and songs.

Prague City Logos

The Prague logo is a design by Studio Najbrt. Created in 2002, the aim was to provide a reminder of the history of the city as a center of different cultures and nationalities. That is why the colors of the logo reflect those of the flag. In addition, the image shows the name of Prague in different languages to reflect the diversity of the capital.


Ourense City Logos

The city of Ourense presented in 2006 its own brand: Ourensanía. The logo represents the values of your province. The concept of Ourensanía was created by Luis Tosar and the objective is to promote the image of Ourense in the rest of the world.

Sao Paulo City Logos

In 2011 the Tourism Agency of São Paulo launched a new identity designed by Romulo Castillho. This new brand was launched to promote the city before the celebration of the 2015 World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games. The logo represents the diversity and variety of people and cultures in São Paulo, with striking colors and festive.



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