Billing should be the easiest part of freelance work. You have already found the clients, done the work and delivered the project. It’s time to get paid, and that should be simple. But it’s not always like this. The good news is that there are a variety of billing tools that can help you simplify this task.

Why do you need billing tools?

It is much easier and faster to use a billing tool than typical spreadsheets. These applications use forms to help you easily fill in data about your products and customers and allow you to store them as recurring information.

This way you will only need a click stop to make an invoice since those details are automatically filled in.

The billing tools presented below will help you create invoices quickly and very professionally.

Do you want to improve your workflow ? Then read on!

1. Paypal Invoice (Android, iOS, Web)

Looking for a simple way to create invoices and receive payments in the same application?

As it turns out that there is a small billing tool built into PayPal. Instead of simply submitting a basic payment request, you can use Paypal Invoice to create a complete invoice with all the details you need.

PayPal invoices are simple. You can create invoices by quantity or by hour in the currency you want and with customizable tax rates. You can also create customer lists and products to create invoices faster.

Once you send the invoice to your customer, you can pay instantly through PayPal, using a credit card, use PayPal credit to pay in advance, or you can set your invoice to allow partial payments. It is a flexible payment system, integrated in a simple billing tool that works from the web or from your smartphone with the PayPal business application.

Price: Sending invoices is free, but Paypal will charge you a fee of 2.9% for each payment processing.

paypal invoice billing tools

2. Invoicely (Web)

Invoicely is one of the best free online billing applications. Register, skip the plans offered, and you can make as many bills as you wish for free.

You can add your client’s name along with a list of frequent charges (taxes and rebates) to a simple invoice template. You can also customize the colors, the language and the logo, or add standard notes and text to the footer of your invoices.

Your customers can view and pay the invoice online without having to create an account.

In the control panel of Invoicely you will see all your invoices and payments with tools of estimation, time tracking and management of invoices in equipment if you want to update your plan to one of payment.

Price: Free for 1 user, unlimited invoices and payments with PayPal. From $ 9.99 / month Basic plan for 2 users, estimates, recurring bills, expenses, personalized branding and credit card payments.

invoicely billing tools

3. Invoice Ninja (Android, iOS, Web)

Invoice Ninja makes it easy to create a billing workflow that fits your team’s performance. You can add clients, list the tasks they must perform and assign them to your team. You can also track the time it takes to complete each task and record the expenses incurred in the client’s project.

When everything is done, Invoice Ninja can combine all those elements into one invoice automatically, with a custom template design for your company. Customers can view all their invoices and payments online, with an additional security password instead of the standard URL.

Price: Free for unlimited invoices and 100 clients, or Ninja Pro from $ 8 for unlimited clients and budgets, task and expense tools, and custom URL and branding.

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invoice ninja billing tools

4. Avaza (Android, iOS, Web)

Do you need a project management tool that can also send invoices?

Avanza relies on task management with a Kanban dashboard to organize those tasks into workflows.

Each time you have a new client you can send an estimate of the project from Avaza, and once you accept it you can assign the tasks of that project to your team. When the project is completed you can quickly add all expenses and tasks to your client’s invoice in a couple of clicks. It’s a quick way to manage your projects and your payments in one tool.

Price: Free for 1 user, 10 customers and 5 bills per month; or from $ 9.95 / month to 50 unlimited invoices and customers.

Avaza Billing tools

Did you already know these billing tools? How have they worked for you?

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