Big Data refers to a huge amount of data. Maybe it’s volume is much higher than you can imagine; think of servers, information and several powerful tools that allow you to access valuable knowledge about people, habits, etc.

In addition, Big Data grows quickly. Because they increase at such a high speed, storing them, processing them, analyzing them and managing them properly requires an important work that gives many benefits in the medium and long-term.

Although it may seem difficult, there are simple strategies to manage it and achieve results. A good management of Big Data can serve not only to better know your audience but also to adjust your proposals and offers based on your needs.

Today we want to talk to you about one of those strategies, the Social Big Data. It is an innovation that comes from Silicon Valley. Since 2014, it has not stopped growing, generating a growing interest in the world of digital marketing.

Although many believe that it is something that is only available to large companies, it is a strategy that everyone can apply to a certain technological and human investment.

Social Big Data: benefits & its use

Several studies on Big Data reveal that the amount of information exploited of all that creates is only 0.5%. This is equivalent to that in the year 2020 when it is estimated that there will be about 5 GB of data per person, we will be working with 0.025GB for each user of our online community and even then we will be wasting information.

Where will such a truthful and useful information come from? There are many sources of information with which companies and users are related. Forms, emails, records, etc.

But one of the strengths are social networks, where each person gives all kinds of useful data that businesses can take advantage of to better define our messages.

The Social Big Data, as a concept, has gained much importance within the world of marketing. This is because it can bring you very useful advantages when planning contact with the potential client. But what is it exactly?

The Social Big Data is the strategy that focuses on collecting, managing, organizing and taking advantage of all the information poured into social networks by users in order to improve the relationship between businesses and their online communities.

Although it is not a well-known strategy, the reality is that it has gained ground due to its excellent results. The advantages, as you can see below, are clear.

Why is Social Big Data important?

The Social Big Data becomes increasingly relevant to marketing. It allows to know exactly the behavior of the consumer, it allows you to adapt your strategies with precision. Thus, it gives rise to a way to communicate with your client in the most appropriate way.

  • Access to privileged information: It will give you a direct advantage over any rival since you have exclusive data. Thus, it will be easier for you to provide the target with an adequate service to your measure, achieving higher conversion rates, but also favoring it being true to your brand.
  • Knowledge of consumer behavior: All data collected in social networks facilitate a better understanding of who is the person to whom you communicate.
  • Reactivity: The impact that any strategy has on the ability to plan and anticipate trends with respect to new products should not be underestimated.
  • Improvement of innovation: Thanks to access to a historical data about users, you can establish new more efficient strategies.

Social networks and data generation

Of the 5 GB of data expected per person by 2020, most come from social networks. It is a very reliable source of information since it is the user who creates the profile and enters data that, usually, is true.

The amount of data generated is, in any case, huge. Managing such a large volume requires a strategy to match, as well as efficient procedures that make it possible to take a real game out of information. Otherwise, it would not be profitable to work with the Social Big Data.

To give you an idea, some of the usage data are:

  • 40% of the world population has an Internet connection.
  • Facebook has almost 700,000 articles and 34,000 “likes” every minute.
  • Facebook has more than 2 billion active profiles.
  • Google+ has more than 500 million users.
  • More than 800 photos are published to the second on Instagram.
  • Twitter produces almost 250,000 new tweets every minute.
  • YouTube loads 4,300 minutes of video every minute.

How to take advantage of the Social Big Data?

Exploring the data you obtain is an excellent way to start thinking about what will be the most appropriate way to take advantage of them. There are no magic formulas that serve all cases because, in all safety, your audience will have a different behavior and personality than the rest.

However, there are some keys that will help you get the most out of the information you have managed to collect. In this way, the most relevant examples are:

  • Optimize sales funnel:
    You can better identify those leads that may end up closing a sale after completing its cycle. In addition, you will have the ability to refine the process, adjusting it to generate a greater number of conversions.
  • Personalize communication to the fullest:
    Adapting the message to the recipient is essential for the success of your strategy. However, delivering it at the right time and in the right context is one of the great advantages of Social Big Data. If the communication is presented in the correct context, moment and form, the chances that the message will be multiplied exponentially.
  • Adjust publics in social ads campaigns:
    You can avoid wasting resources in promoting yourself to people who, in reality, have no genuine interest in your product. In this way, you rationalize spending and avoid waste, but also achieve better results in your campaigns.

You must be clear that to be able to perform all these actions thanks to this type of strategy you need to invest in the Social Big Data. You must have enough technology to store all the information, process it, and store it in a useful and orderly manner.

In addition, it is necessary to have professionals who are able to work with so much data to be able to draw conclusions that are truly relevant and useful.


As you have seen, the Social Big Data is something that you can not stop working as part of your online strategy, since its possibilities are enormous.

If you take it into consideration, you will get better results with your project but, in addition, you will have a significant advantage over your competition.

Although many brands have missed the opportunity that these data generate, the reality is that, in the short term, this marketing strategy will become increasingly relevant. In only three years it has consolidated and, with the success of social networks, I am sure that its possibilities will increase.

Have you had any experience with Big Data or have you considered using it in your business? And with the Social Big Data?

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