Which will be the best destinations to discover in 2018? The cities that will give a talk and that will appear on the agendas of the most expert travelers. Places to which you must travel during this year if you have the opportunity.

We have been reviewing the magazines and specialized webs of the sector to be able to find some of the essential places that you should already know. Destinations that will have to talk and that with the passage of time will become the goal of a good number of tourists and travelers.

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Whether you are looking for a dazzling adventure in an avant-garde city, a paradisiacal beach or simply the perfect food, these are some of the best destinations to discover in 2018.

Seoul, South Korea

Although it is one of the unknown tourist destinations in Asia, South Korea is slowly starting to enjoy the interest of more tourists. Able to combine the latest trends with the classical tradition of the Far East, Seoul will be a great option if you are looking for technological and cultural modernity.

Temples, lakes, and peace merge with outstanding art galleries, modern restaurants, and countless avant-garde clothing and accessories brands in a country where the friendliness of its inhabitants is widely known.

In addition, the country hosts the Winter Olympic Games, so during this season, you can also enjoy a number of events in the Pyeongchang region if you are passionate about snow, nature and mountains.

Colombian Pacific

The government’s peace agreement of 2016 with the FARC paramilitary group has made Colombia begin to appear as one of the most attractive destinations of 2017 and 2018.

Beyond its coffee plantations, its varied cuisine and the vibrant and idle boulevards of cities such as Cali, the heart of this trip lies in its peaceful coast, which stands as one of the destinations highlighted by more specialized websites for this year.

Virgin beaches, humid forests and, in short, an explosion of tropical and exoticism that, although not advisable with the guerrillas, the end of the war has made areas such as El Chocó more accessible to the traveler.

Marrakech, Morocco

Morocco is a destination that year after year is increasing its tourist interest rate. And the possibilities offered by this country are numerous. From the desert to the beaches, through green and mountainous areas, to the beauty of its multiple landscapes, tourists can add the busy cultural and street life of some of its great cities.

Among them, Marrakech is undoubtedly the jewel in the crown. The city has been attracting the most artistic tourism since the 60s. Now the newly opened Museum of Yves Saint Laurent is joined in February by the 1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair, which also has editions in London or New York, that once again positions Marrakech as an artistic reference of the most demanding agendas.

León, Spain

If what you want is a closer destination, without crossing our borders with which to allow you a weekend getaway, this year an option to take more into account is León.

The city has been named the Spanish gastronomic capital of 2018, a perfect excuse to get to know a simple city that hides many treasures inside. You can enjoy a relaxed aperitif in its wet neighborhood, full of bars and restaurants and taste its well-known gastronomy. 

As for tourism, beyond the impressive stained glass windows of its cathedral, one of the most admired examples of Gothic in Europe, you can marvel at the architecture of the Hostal de San Marcos, the Basilica of San Isidoro or the work of Gaudí embodied in Casa of Booties. If you want something more current, there’s no problem, the city hosts the Cotemporáneo Art Museum of Castilla y León.

New Orleans, Louisana

Chosen as one of the great destinations of 2018  by publications such as The New York Times , TIME or Travel + Leisure , New Orleans offers its visitors a rich offer of art, gastronomy, and joviality as in few other parts of the US.

Having come out rejuvenated from the devastation that Katrina caused in her, the city is widely known for its street musicians and its carnival is also a meeting point for lovers of art galleries, good restaurants, and the most epic parties.

Šolta, Croatia

Another of the best destinations for 2018 most listed by specialists is the island Šolta. Although the whole country supposes a true enjoyment of nature and crystalline beaches, this island awaits in its interior impressive coasts, medieval surroundings and outstanding club of beaches where to taste good local wines.

In addition, the diffusion of an application of shared trip by boat, under the name of UberBOAT, has made it possible to reach its coasts something easier than before for all those who want to marvel at one of the most outstanding places on the Adriatic.

Guanajuato, Mexico

This city was the landscape that inspired Pixar to locate its last title, Coco. Located in the central highlands of Mexico, stands out for the peculiar landscape that the veins left by the silver mining and its colorful houses scattered around the valley in which the city sits. And it is an alternative or in addition to the classic Mexico City, according to the specialized travel portals for this year.

To this, we must add its numerous squares and ornate churches and a rich cultural and university life embodied in its Festival Internazonal Cervantino, one of the most outstanding literary events in the country. All this makes it one of the best destinations of the year.

Oslo, Norway

If your thing is the Scandinavian culture, the cold and the righteousness of northern Europe then this year you should think about visiting the city of Oslo. Although it has always had less attention than its competitors Copenhagen and especially Stockholm, the Norwegian capital hides a number of attractions with which to seduce the tourist. 

In addition the city will host this year the 50th anniversary of the wedding of their kings as well as the 10th anniversary of their opera, so the parades and special events will be flooding the city throughout 2018.

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