Often worn on the street, basketball shoes are mostly designed to play. The best basketball shoes in the world are fully equipped with padded cushions for stability, freedom of movement and unbeatable ankle support.

Here are the best basketball shoes for aspiring players:

Light and low basketball shoes for fast players

If you are a fast and lightweight player, opt for the shoes that are flexible and light like air. The sole must be close to the ground in order to have good feelings. Also, consider checking that the ankles are maintained as they are the main causes of injury in the basketball players. The changes of direction being extremely brutal in fast players, it is recommended to look at the sole, which must hang on the ground.

For those who play on an indoor floor, we recommend the Under Armor Curry 3, the signature model of Stephen Curry, named twice best player in the American basketball league (NBA). This model has both lightness and good ankle support. In addition, this sneaker has an eye-catching sole, a comfortable and supple fabric. Nevertheless, this one is too fragile to play outdoors.

Under Armour Basketball Shoes

For those who want to play outdoors, the Adidas Crazylight Boost is an excellent compromise. Sold for less than 80 euros, this low-top sneaker is considered one of the best on the market due to its stability, its catchy sole, its very solid materials and a cushioning. However, this basket is not recommended for players with fragile ankles. Indeed, the model being quite low, it is possible that they are very solicited.

Adidas Crazyboost Basketball Shoes

Mid-high sneakers for versatile players

Thanks to your versatility, you are a Swiss knife and can play several positions. We advise therefore the purchase of a basket mid-high, neither too light to avoid twists of ankle neither too heavy to not lose in speed. Take into account the thickness of the sole, which must be wide enough to absorb shocks.
Inside, we advocate the purchase of the Nike PG1, signature model of Paul George, Indiana Pacers player, explosive and able to play several positions. In addition to being an affordable basketball, this one is quite low but firmly protects the ankle. While the sole may sometimes lose some grip, it nevertheless remains strong and ensures good stability.


Nike Basketball Shoes
Nike Basketball Shoes

As for the bitumen, Adidas excels in the matter. The Adidas Lady 3, signature model of Damian Lillard, playmaker Portland Trail Blazers offers solidity, ankle support and unlike the PG1 which can sometimes slip, hangs on the ground without causing any slipping.

Adidas Dame Basketball Shoes

Heavy and solid sneakers for big and physical players

If you are a tall player, elbowing on the floor and defending, go for a rising sneaker with stability and cushioning. Indeed, as an inner player, you must resist physical contact. It is very common that you walk on your foot and that your ankle is blocked. Moreover, to recover the ball in defense, it is often necessary to jump, the maintenance of the ankle is therefore paramount.

A safety issue for the ankle, the Nike Lebron 13 is considered a reference. Indeed, the signature model of LeBron James, named four times NBA player and three times NBA champion, has a thick sole to ensure cushioning. It is also very high, enough to protect your ankle without a problem. If it sits by its adhesion to the ground, the model catches up by its lightness.

Nike Lebron Basketball Shoes

For a more flexible model that does not lose solidity, Adidas has made a versatile basketball, capable of resisting bitumen and adapting to all players. The Adidas Crazy Explosive Primeknit is a very comfortable model with excellent amortized and stability to the whole ordeal. We also retain its potential for maintaining and stabilizing the ankle.

Adidas Crazy Basketball Shoes

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Sandra Johnson

Which is best for the kids?


I’m a fast and lightweight player, so my option for shoes are flexible and light.Mostly i play outdoors.Adidas has made a flexible shoes for all basketball players.