After a long wait, and plenty of excitement, the new action film Acts of
Violence, featuring rising star Melissa Bolona has finally come to theatres
on January 12 of 2018.

Directed by Brett Donowho with a screenplay by Nicolas Aaron Mezzanatto, the film promises to be a classic.

The Acts of Violence trailer fueled anticipation for the film, which has been
awaited by fans since early 2017 when it was announced that action
legends Bruce Willis and Mike Epps will be playing key roles.

The film also features Cole Hauser, Ashton Holmes, Shawn Ashmore, Sophia Bush, and
of course Melissa Bolona.

melissa bolona
Acts of violence Melissa Bolona

Acts of Violence follows Detectives James Avery, played by Willis, and
Detective Brooke Baker, played by Sophia Bush, as the two cross paths
with Roman, played by Ashton Holmes, and his band of ex-military friends
when both groups go after a human trafficking ring.

Roman and his group of vigilante, friends are on a quest to rescue Roman’s fiancé, Mia, played by Melissa Bolona, who was kidnapped from her very own bachelorette party.
While the detectives and Roman have similar goals, they are not always in

But, when corrupted bureaucracy becomes a factor, the
detectives may be willing to bend a few rules. Will Mia ever see her fiancé
again? The only way to find out is to watch the film.

So far, Acts of Violence has gained mixed reviews from audiences. While
some fans loved the action, others wanted a stronger storyline.

Fans who want to decide for themselves can still catch Acts of Violence on the big
screen, and those who don’t will have the opportunity to see the movie on
Amazon. For the latest news on Acts of Violence and other Melissa Bolona
films, fans can check out Melissa Bolona IMDB or follow Bolona on

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