There was a time when a good web copywriter was the one who can write some blog posts and can publish them. It was enough to lead a content marketing campaign and used to get success also.

But Now the Time has changed!

What is the role of a web copywriter?

Today, content marketing is a vast industry. The writing is the only part of the marketing strength and a part of what a content marketing campaign needs to succeed.

“Content Marketing is a strategic marketing approach, focusing on the creation and distribution of desired content, relevant and consistent to attract and retain an audience clearly defined. His ultimate goal is to train the client to make profitable actions.”

This definition of content marketing gives you an idea of the scale of the industry. As you see, it is not only to write the content. This is a very broad field. This is to create and distribute content to achieve the ultimate goal of marketing: generate profitable customer action.

Great as it is, content marketing always needs web copywriters. In fact, some argue that the role of a web copywriter is more important than other. Generating copies is not difficult nor expensive. Moreover, it is relatively easy to find an inexpensive agency to produce articles. But creating great content is harder than the rest. Why? Because the amount of content has proliferated as never before.

This explosion of content has led some traders to declare that we are now in state content shock – the idea that content marketing has reached its saturation point but still the message is not through towards consumers.The content shock is somewhat parallel to that of the “information overload” – the idea that a consumer is exposed to too much information, thus preventing him from making a profitable action.

That’s why content marketing is more reason than ever to continue to move forward. As content marketing field, has expanded, it has also deepened. Marketers have found that consumers are not attracted by popular and too generic content, but with a concise and focused content. There is still a need to write content that meets the specific needs of consumers. Today’s web copywriter must have the awareness and skills necessary to survive in the brave world of content marketing.

What is a web copywriter?

We have assembled the list of five web copywriting skills, which we consider essential for a successful approach to content marketing.

  1. Strong writing skills

Let us start with the obvious. A web copywriter must write well. Do not let the simplicity of this competence wrong. Being a good writer means knowing many different things such as grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

The below characteristics are equally as important as good writing skills

  • Creating content easy to read
  • Making the complicated topics, simple
  • Write formidable transitions
  • Develop convincing conclusions
  • Select the best vocabulary in a specific context
  • Putting a catchy word on to the content
  • Use appropriate style
  1. The creation of titles

Writing effective headlines is a job in itself. From the beginning of modern marketing, consumers and marketers have realized the power of the elements in the text. David Ogilvy (1911-1999) wrote: “Many people read the headlines instead of the entire contents.” He thought a wasted title represented a loss of 90% of the marketing budget. ”

Contemporary research has confirmed the assumptions. According to studies, 80% of Internet users read the title but not the text.

The titles that contain numbers are common on sites for good reason. They work.

The formulas for writing titles do not make the job simpler. The title should be unique because people do not want to read the same.  Most research results show no more than 70 characters of a title. If the web editors can not create a perfect title, skills and talent hardly count. Nobody read the contents unless the title is persuasive.

  1. Awareness of the user experience

Web writing is much more than just putting words on a screen.

These words appear somewhere – on a mobile device, in a template blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc. All content must be adapted to their cognitive and digital context.

The context and circumstances that influence the contents are called user experience. Let us explain.

Some insist that web writers must know everything about SEO, optimization conversion rate, web design and UX testing. These are excellent skills, but if we demand that copywriters have all these skills, we would not find many qualified web writers.

Instead of placing the bar so high on the technical requirements, it is better that the drafters are aware of the user experience.

We define the user experience and “how someone interacts with the site, what they feel via this site and how it uses your website. This describes the overall interaction between man and the website. The user experience has a lot of ramifications. This has an impact on the content, design, conversion, research and all that lies between. ”

web copywriter content
User Experience

Instead of telling the writers to know everything about SEO, we advise them to focus on the user. Use the keywords that make sense based on the research of the user, subject, blog style and all other relevant features of the context.

Should web copywriter must know the keyword density, semantic relevance, content silos, tagging structured data, the internal link structure and the dilution of anchor text? Perhaps. And that’s a plus for him. But are these Pre-skills? No.

If the author focuses on the user, several problems with the SEO will begin to resolve themselves.What about conversion optimization? Even in this case, focus on the user naturally enhances the optimization of the conversion process. It is the same for Web design elements.

Essential skills of a Web editor should not include SEO, CRO, and UXD. The writer must simply do everything possible to create the best content to the user.

  1. Specialization

Gone are the days where you could just hire a non-specialized web editor and expect outstanding results. While some editors can quickly learn about an industry expert and produce content.

Increasingly, however, the task of content creation is only possible to achieve that by someone who has a deep experience in the specific field.

Let’s take a random example. In a blog sales and marketing SaaS (Software as a Service), can you recruit a generalist writer to write detailed articles on advanced topics? Probably not. Unless the writer has experience with churn MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) means the LTV calculation (Life Time Value) or CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) provided in the niche. Then producing a high-quality content will be extremely difficult, if not impossible.

Web copywriters need experience and specialization.

  1. Conscience marketing

The writer should always be aware that he or she is in the marketing industry. The idea of a marketer in the form of T (T-shaped marketer – English term for a person who has average knowledge in a wide range of skills) is valid for writers and for other specializations marketing.

The writer has extensive experience of the content, but they should have a passing familiarity with other marketing features.

When the writer realizes that his role fits in the broad field of content, he then managed to produce the most attractive and strategic content.

The web editors should understand how to sell the benefits. The marketing awareness helps the copywriter to create great content-oriented marketing.


Our intention is not to set the bar at a height inaccessible to the web copywriters. Our intention is to help them better understand that content marketing has changed. With the change, comes a new set of understanding and skills that will help them improve. As we expect for a long time, content marketing will need web copywriters.

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